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The Jacket Shuttle is a pilot project by MSUB Student Life and Housing to help students get from one campus to the next easily and efficiently... while saving you gas money!

There is a $25/semester* cost, which can be billed to your student account.To pick up your Shuttle Pass, stop by the Housing Office, SUB 221 or at Jacket Student Central at City College at MSU Billings. How easy is that?!?

*A $20 refund will be issued through the 15th day if you find the schedule is not working for you, but after that day there is no refund for the pass.  The pass will need to be returned to the Housing Office for this refund and in good condition.

The 18-passenger bus runs from the University campus to the City College at MSU Billings campus and back again 7 times a day at times that fit your schedule.

Use your phone: Call 657-2333
Use your feet: Stop by the Housing Office/SUB 221

Reserve the Shuttle for your group or department  Submit a comment or feedback about the Shuttle

Here's what our students have to say about riding the Jacket Shuttle...

"Fun, entertaining and a real great time."
  — Dalton

"Fun, entertaining and joyful.  The shuttle is the best way to go as it is cheaper than driving."
  — Russell

"Birdie is a great driver all the people that ride are great and we have a lot of fun.  We all get along and help each other out when needed.  To tell you the truth, without the shuttle I may not have met as many people as I have.  Every time I get on the shuttle it feels like home."
  — Lawrence

"I look forward to riding the shuttle.  It’s a great environment and everyone is happy and approachable.  We’re like our own little family and Birdie is awesome.  I’m grateful that MSUB has provided us with the opportunity to take the shuttle."
  — Jonna

"Peaceful and Fun!"
  — Annabell

"I love riding the shuttle!  Birdie, the driver, is very sweet and really cares about the students.  She goes out of her way to meet your needs and make you feel comfortable.  Riding the shuttle gives me time to do homework, take a nap, or talk to Birdie and the other students.  In addition, you save a ton on gas money!  I highly recommend using this great service!"
  — Elizabeth

"The shuttle saved me a lot of money in my two years at MSUB and City College.  I can’t say enough good things about our driver, Birdie.  She makes everyone comfortable and welcome – we’re like a family.  Birdie often goes out of her way to make sure everyone is getting the shuttle service they need.  I highly recommend taking advantage of this service."
  — Tracy

"Birdie, the driver, made it a great time and always got us there on time."
  — Taylor

"I like riding the bus it gives me an extra 15 minutes of sleep."
— Sage

"I love riding the shuttle!  Birdie makes the shuttle an experience you have to see firsthand.  Birdie and the students make memorable rides.  You make new friends riding the shuttle.  Birdie always takes care of the students on the bus."
  — Samantha

"It was real.  It was fun."
  — Tyler

"I really like riding the shuttle.  With how busy I am and how crazy my life is, it’s nice to have something like this available!  The people are pretty cool too; especially Birdie, and I really look forward to riding again."
  — Brenna

"I enjoyed riding the bus this year.  Birdie was always awake and cheerful when she drove the bus even at 6:30 am when I had to go to class."
  — Richard

"Great driver, need a new bus, great service, good idea on the college’s part."
  — Shane

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