MSU Billings Academic Senate

Annual Catalog Deadlines

The annual deadline for submitting changes to the Academic Senate for the next catalog--Graduate, City College, or Undergraduate/General Bulletin--is one week before Thanksgiving.

For the 2018-2019 catalogs, this date is November 16, 2017.

This means items must be submitted to the UCC and/or Grad Committee before that date.


Please note:
Items received after this date will progress through the process as usual, but may not be entered in the catalog. They will, however, be effective for that program/course based on the effective date given on the form.


It is highly unadvisable to submit program changes with Spring effective dates.

At its February 14, 2002 meeting the Senate resolved that the Thursday before Thanksgiving be set as the annual deadline for catalog changes. (see minutes of 2/14/02, memo #389, page 1407)