MSU Billings Academic Senate

Procedure to Propose a New Program

Step 1:  Come up with a great idea.


Step 2:  Talk it over in your department (or with Extended Campus).  Is this a combination of current courses or does it need new curriculum?  The answer may determine what more needs to be done and when.

Talk it over with Academic Senate at a New Program meeting. (see the discussion list for the Senate)


Step 3:  Ask your Dean to add it to the “Campus Academic Program Plan,” which is updated once per year, in May.  This requires a Name, Award type, and a one-paragraph Description along with an expected year in which you would plan to develop the program.


Step 4:  Develop an “Intent to Plan” with the Provost’s Office.


Step 5:  Deans Council will review it and, if needed, will add it to the EAB queue for research.


Step 6:  Assuming there is a need and that we either have the talent or have a budget model to acquire the needed resources, we develop a “Level II” proposal.


Step 7:  Submit curriculum paperwork through campus processes.  This paperwork makes use of the Level II form.


Step 8:  After approval of campus and BOR, submit to NWCCU, with assistance from the Vice Provost.


Note from the Provost's Office:   OCHE wants each step to be very transparent and public.  We get to see all Program Plans, Intent to Plans, and Level II proposals before the Board sees them.  We can comment on, support, or question what others are doing around the System, and they can question what we are doing.  It is the Provost’s job to get the right people to the table when we are questioned and it is the Provost’s job to make sure we ask the right questions of others.