MSU Billings Academic Senate

Help Page for Changes to Curriculum

Remember: If your department is proposing a new program which requires BOR approval, the Academic Senate wants to see it first.


Manual for the Preparation of Curricular Materials for Consideration by the Academic Senate


If your department is putting forward changes, additions, or deletions to the curriculum, there is a process to be followed.

For help on curricular matters, please see the Academic Senate Manual.


The administrative process is outlined below. This is the process for changes to the curriculum, which can be done every year for all catalogs:  undergraduate, graduate, City College. See below for making changes to the textual sections of the catalog.


NOTE: Policy changes (admission to a program, etc.) are considered curricular in nature and must be approved by the Senate and Provost. If you have a policy change, please call Rita (1676) for help.


Step 1 Get the forms on the forms page.


NOTE: Please do not stamp or write (in ink) anything in the upper right corner of each form.


Step 2 Provide an appropriate effective date. This will be when the next catalog is effective. Please do not back-date changes. Effective dates can only be in the future--at least one academic year in the future.


Step 3 Departments and/or Dean's Offices contact the Academic Senate Office (email or call 1676) to get Item Numbers for their changes. These are generally grouped by department, such as:


Item 1  Minor in Art. Modification to an existing program.


Item 1.a  ART 211 Introduction to Photography. Change title to Introduction to Developing.


Item 1.b  ART 100 Art for Dummies. New course.


Item 1.c  Minor in Art Appreciation. Delete program.



Item 2  AAS in Diesel Technology.  Modification to an existing program.


Note: ALWAYS write your Item numbers in PENCIL, as they are officially stamped with the number later in the Academic Senate Office.


Step 4 The Items progress through the department, college curriculum committee, Dean, and then the Senate Office. For information on when programs do not get approved, see the Academic Senate Resolution.


Step 5 Undergraduate programs and courses go to the UCC. Please note that proposals have to be submitted one week prior to the meeting to be put on the agenda. Graduate programs and courses go to the MSU Billings Graduate Committee (see Graduate Studies). Programs and courses related to teacher education must be approved by the College of Education Curriculum Council.


Please Note: The Academic Senate has set an annual deadline for the catalogs. This means that the UCC, Gen Ed, and Graduate Committees must have their changes finished and to the Academic Senate Office by that deadline. It is essential that departments plan ahead for curricular changes.


Text Changes


If you have changes to the text of the catalog (that are not policy-related), that process comes after the curricular process is completed. After I have input all the changes to the curriculum, in Spring semester, I email out appropriate sections of the catalog to various departments. The departments make the changes and email them back to me, using the "track changes" function of Word.


If you need further help, please call Rita at 657-1676 or email.