MSU Billings Academic Senate

Creative and Research Endeavors

Annual Report - Due by June 30




Provide an annual, one page report, for all funded projects, following the outline below, until the projects are completed (i.e., no further progress or products to report in the future). Failure to provide annual reports will result in ineligibility for future CARE funding.


Report Outline


I. Project Director (as identified on application)

II. Project Title (as described on application)

III. Semester and year in which funding was received

IV. Statement of Research Problem or Description of Project (brief)

V. Outcomes to Date (status of project: how funds were utilized, ongoing objectives to be met)

VI. Products or Achievements culminating from project (e.g., publications, external funding, exhibits)

VII. Indicate if this is a FINAL report (project closed) or a PROCESS report (future reports expected)