Date:               October 24, 2012


Present:          Tom Dell                                             Carl Castles

                        John Hoover                                        Don Wilathgamuwa

                        Brian Gurney                                       Cindy Dell

                        Richard Pierce                                     Del Brumley

                        Becky Lyons (ex-officio)


Absent:           Ying Wang – excused


Guests:           Ardyce Endresen                                 Gary Acton

                        Joy Honea                                            Sam Boerboom



Cindy Dell called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. in the Chancellor’s Conference Room.


The October 3 meeting minutes were accepted as presented.




Item 17  Minor in Women’s Studies.  New program.

Item 17.a  SOCI 274 Women, Culture and Society (crosslisted with A&SC 274).  Change rubric to crosslist with WS.

Item 17.b  WS 492 Independent Study.  New course.

Item 17.c  WS 294/494 Seminar in Women’s Studies.  New course.

Item 17.d  WS 498 Internship/Cooperative Education.  New course.

Item 17.e  WS 499 Capstone Seminar in Women’s Studies.  New course.


- Motion by Tom Dell, seconded by Brian Gurney to approve Items 17 through 17.e on first reading.


Joy Honea, Chair of Sociology, Political Science, Native American Studies and Environmental Studies, stated that we used to have a Women’s Studies program, but it was mothballed years ago.  Because of that old program, most of the courses needed for this new minor already exist.  The seminar in Women’s Studies, which will now serve as a capstone, has even been offered recently.  Dr. Honea also supplied a staffing plan for the courses, as many are offered on an alternating semester or year schedule.  The only concern with this program is if it generates a huge amount of interest, an additional section of SOCI 274 may need to be added.


- Motion carried.


- Motion by Rich Pierce, seconded by John Hoover to waive second reading of Items 17 through 17.e.


- Motion carried.


Item 14  M 121 College Algebra.  Change prerequisite and course description.

Item 14.a  M 122 College Trigonometry.  New course.

Item 14.c  M 151 Precalculus.  Delete course.


- Motion by John Hoover, seconded by Brian Gurney to approve Items 14, 14.a, and 14.c on first reading.


It was noted that 14.b and 14.d are Gen Ed proposals.


It was stated that M 151 is very difficult to schedule because it is five credits.  The Department has decided to delete the course and offer M 122 instead, which covers half of the content of 151.  They also hope to remove M 151 from Gen Ed and add M 122.  The changes to M 121 are simple, including adding “appropriate placement score” to the prerequisite.


- Motion carried.


- Motion by Carl Castles, seconded by Brian Gurney to waive second reading of Items 14, 14.a, and 14.c.


- Motion carried.


Item 15  COMT 101 Fundamentals of Communication.  Delete course.

Item 15.a  COMT 322 Principles of Public Relations.  Change course description (also CCN to COMX 351)

Item 15.b  COMT 482 Women, Media and Health (crosslisted with COMT 582, HADM 482, HADM 582, HHP 482, and HHP 582).  Change rubric to COMX, change title to Women, Media and Society, and change course description.

Item 15.d  FILM 311 Essentials of Video Production.  Change course description.


- Motion by Brian Gurney, seconded by John Hoover to approve Items 15, 15.a, and 15.d.


Sam Boerboom, Department of Communication and Theatre, stated that COMT 101 is being deleted because it is rarely offered and the content is covered in other courses.


It was cited that COMT 482 is crosslisted with several other rubrics.  The question was raised as to whether the crosslisting would continue with the new title of the course.


- Motion carried.


- Motion by Tom Dell, seconded by Brian Gurney to table Item 15.b until clarification is received on the crosslisting.


- Motion by John Hoover, seconded by Brian Gurney to waive second reading of Items 15, 15.a, and 15.d.


- Motion carried.


Item 18  WRIT 221 Intermediate Technical Writing.  Change course description.


- Motion by Brian Gurney, seconded by Carl Castles to approve Item 18 on first reading.


Gary Acton, Chair of English, Philosophy, and Modern Languages, stated that an issue was raised at Academic Senate that WRIT 221 had the same course description as WRIT 121.  This course description change solves that issue.  WRIT 221 has not been offered for a number of years, but they are reviving the course in order to add it to the Gen Ed core.  The course had been in Gen Ed before, but was left out in the crush to re-submit all courses for the Academic Foundations overhaul.  WRIT 221 will be an alternative to College Writing II or Business Writing.


The question was raised as to why the COT/City College course WRIT 121 Introduction to Technical Writing was not considered as a prerequisite to WRIT 221.  Dr. Acton responded that adding WRIT 121 as a prerequisite is making a global change for perhaps only two or three students per year.  It was responded that we don’t know how many students may fall into this situation.  Dr. Acton noted adding WRIT 121 as a prerequisite would imply that WRIT 121 and WRIT 101 are equivalent, and they are not considered equivalent in the current course equivalency guides.  It was suggested that the prerequisite include “consent of instructor.”  Dr. Acton responded that in that situation, all students registering for the course would have to get instructor consent.


- Motion failed with two abstentions.



The meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.