TO:                 Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Members


FROM:           Richard Pierce, Chair

                        Undergraduate Curriculum Committee


RE:                  UCC MEETING



The next UCC meeting will be Wednesday, October 9, 2013, at 4:00 p.m. in the Chancellor’s Conference Room (McM 209).


I.          ACCEPTANCE OF MINUTES:  September 25




Item 15  GPHY 460 Urban Policy and Development.  New course


Item 16  MUSI 108, MUSI 114, MUSI 131, MUSI 136, MUSI 147, MUSI 235, MUSI 236, MUSI 312, MUSI 331, MUSI 364, MUSI 365.  Change 3 hours lecture to 3 hours lab per week.

Item 16.a  MUSE 272, MUSE 273, MUSE 274, MUSE 275, MUSE 276, MUSE 278, MUSE 279, MUSE 330, MUSE 430, MUSE 431, MUSI 140, MUSI 141, MUSI 162A, MUSI 240, MUSI 241, MUSI 362, MUSI 368, MUSI 369.  Change 2 hours lecture to 2 hours lab per week.

Item 16.b  MUSI 195A, MUSI 195B, MUSI 195C, MUSI 195D, MUSI 195E, MUSI 195F, MUSI 195G, MUSI 195H, MUSI 195I, MUSI 195J, MUSI 195K, MUSI 195L, MUSI 195M, MUSI 195P, MUSI 395A, MUSI 395B, MUSI 395C, MUSI 395D, MUSI 395E, MUSI 395F, MUSI 395G, MUSI 395H, MUSI 395I, MUSI 395J, MUSI 395K, MUSI 395L, MUSI 395M, MUSI 395P.  Change variable 1-4 hours lecture to variable 1-4 hours studio per week.

Item 16.d  MUSI 135 Keyboard Skills I.  Change 3 hours studio to 3 hours lab per week.

Item 16.e  MUSI 162B Chamber Ensembles:  Instrumental.  Change 2 hours lecture to 2 hours lab per week.

Item 16.f  BA Major in Music Business Track.  Modify an existing program to create a new option (rather than track) called BA Major in Music Business Option.  Requires BOR approval.





xc:  Chair, Academic Senate