TO:                 Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Members


FROM:           Cindy Dell, Chair

                        Undergraduate Curriculum Committee


RE:                  UCC MEETING



The next meeting of the UCC will be Wednesday, October 24, 2012, at 4:00 p.m. in Chancellor’s Conference Room (McM 209).


I.          ACCEPTANCE OF MINUTES:  October 3




Item 14  M 121 College Algebra.  Change prerequisite and course description.

Item 14.a  M 122 College Trigonometry.  New course.

Item 14.c  M 151 Precalculus.  Delete course.


Item 15  COMT 101 Fundamentals of Communication.  Delete course.

Item 15.a  COMT 322 Principles of Public Relations.  Change course description (also CCN to COMX 351)

Item 15.b  COMT 482 Women, Media and Health (crosslisted with COMT 582, HADM 482, HADM 582, HHP 482, and HHP 582).  Change rubric to COMX, change title to Women, Media and Society, and change course description.

Item 15.d  FILM 311 Essentials of Video Production.  Change course description.


Item 17  Minor in Women’s Studies.  New program.

Item 17.a  SOCI 274 Women, Culture and Society (crosslisted with A&SC 274).  Change rubric to crosslist with WS.

Item 17.b  WS 492 Independent Study.  New course.

Item 17.c  WS 294/494 Seminar in Women’s Studies.  New course.

Item 17.d  WS 498 Internship/Cooperative Education.  New course.

Item 17.e  WS 499 Capstone Seminar in Women’s Studies.  New course.


Item 18  WRIT 221 Intermediate Technical Writing.  Change course description.





xc:  Chair, Academic Senate