General Education Committee



October 24, 2012



Hello GEC Members:


At the September GEC meeting, you approved WRIT 221 Intermediate Technical Writing to be added to Gen Ed category I.B. English.  That addition went on to the Academic Senate, where some questions were raised.  In response, the Department changed the course description and syllabus for WRIT 221.


Please find attached:

the original proposal (Item42 11-12)

a revised syllabus (WRIT 221 syllabus_revOct2012)

the course description change (Item18 12-13)


So, with these revisions in hand, please reply to me YES, approve the revised course for Gen Ed or NO, reject the revised course for Gen Ed.  I need your vote by October 24, 2012.


Votes received

Mark Jacobson:  Yes

Daniel Barnhart:  Yes

Bernie Quetchenbach:  Yes

TyRee Jenks:  Yes

Michael Scarlett:  Yes

Melinda Tilton:  Yes

Rhonda Dillman:  Yes

Thomas Regele:  Yes

Kurt Toenjes:  Yes

Jennifer Lynn:  Yes

Leanne Gilbertson:  Yes

Patricia Nichols:  Yes

Elizabeth Fullon:  abstain



Respectfully submitted, Rita J. Rabe Meduna.