Senate Budget Committee Report 4/10/08

1.    You have been sent an electronic copy of the Senate recommendations forwarded to the Chancellor last Friday. Some highlights include:


A.   Our recommendations exceeded our overall target of $2,500,229 by $61,229. This excess will disappear as there are some recommendations that probably will not be followed.

B.   The academic side of the budget accounted for 40% of the decrease in the overall budget. The administrative side tallied 60% of the cuts.

C.   Recommendations included 4.75 permanent faculty line cuts and 2.00 temporary faculty line cuts for FY 09.

D.   Recommendations included an additional 1.25 permanent faculty line cuts and 3.00 temporary faculty line cuts for FY 10.

E.   Total faculty line cuts for FY 09-10: permanent = 6; temporary = 5.


2.    The Chancellor has stated in print that he will make an attempt “to adopt, to the fullest extent possible, the April 4, 2008 recommendations of the Academic Senate Budget Committee.”


3.    The Chancellor has also stated in print that “during the next Executive Budget session . . . we should be able to discuss ways to further reduce impacts on the instructional budget and to obtain firmer numbers regarding the proposed reductions, temporary and permanent, as well as any ‘last minute’ adjustments to our reduction targets, etc.”


4.    In addition the Chancellor has stated that he will share the Executive Budget Committee outcomes and be available at a future Senate meeting address questions and concerns.


5.    Finally, the Chancellor wants “thank you and the members of the Academic Budget Committee, who agreed to undertake the task of providing budget recommendations, made a significant commitment of their personal and professional time to engage in the lengthy discussions, and agreed to do the “homework” so essential to reaching agreements regarding the significant challenges faced in addressing the budget shortfalls and laying the framework for a balanced budget for FY 2009 and the next biennium (FY 2010 and FY 2011.)”