Academic Senate Budget Committee

Meeting Notes

October 1, 2009

4:08 p.m.

McMullen 305



Members Present:

            (includes Academic Senate members)

Dan Yazak

Jeff Sanders

Don Larsen

Sandie Rietz

Paul Bauer

Rakesh Sah

Lorrie Steerey

Craig McKenzie

Keith Edgerton

Mark Hardt

Bruce Brumley

Steve Coffman

Michael Barton


Diane Duin

Tasneem Khaleel

Mary Susan Fishbaugh

Karen Heikel

D’Ann Campbell

Terrie Iverson

Stacy Klippenstein


Kay Streeter

Brian Reed

Liz Tooley

LeAnn Anderson

Michael Barber

Jane Howell

Susan Stewart

Linda Wham

Tammi Miller

Ronald Sexton



A.  Budget Primer


Liz Tooley, Budget Officer, presented a review of all the budgets, including auxiliaries and restricted/designated accounts, and how they all fit together.  The PowerPoint is attached to these minutes.


B.  BOR Stimulus Reduction Challenge


Chancellor Sexton distributed a handout (attached to these minutes) which illustrates the funding drop-off we will experience in FY11 & FY12 due to the removal of the stimulus funds from our budget.


Other challenges include the loss of the Bozeman base increase.  When MSU-Bozeman was allowed to increase their tuition, they were also required to move some of those funds to MSU Billings.  They did that in the form of an increase to our base budget.  We thought that would stay, but at the September BOR meeting Bozeman they told us it would not be staying in our budget.


We have record enrollment this Fall, but as the economy improves, students may leave as quickly as they came.


Chancellor Sexton asked the group to go through this handout and give him ideas about where we can cut approximately $914,000 from each of the FY11 and FY 12 budgets.


Future challenges include reduced responsiveness to the community.  The oil pipeline project coming down from Canada will need about 300 welders.  We have no resources whatsoever to expand our welding program to meet that need.


The Board of Regents seemed unsatisfied with the case management plans submitted by Bozeman and Missoula at the September meeting.  Likely, we will be receiving further instructions about what our case management plan should be, and with very little time to make changes.


Chancellor Sexton noted that he needs feedback by Tuesday, October 6.


The Senators agreed to hold a special meeting Monday, October 5 at 4:00 p.m. to fashion a response to the Chancellor.



The meeting was adjourned at 5:03 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by Rita J. Rabe Meduna