DATE:           September 17, 2009


PRESENT:    Don Larsen                                         Paul Bauer

                        Rakesh Sah                                         Lorrie Steerey

                        Craig McKenzie                                  Keith Edgerton

                        Doug Brown                                       Mark Hardt

                        Bruce Brumley                                    Michael Barton (student)

                        John Cech (ex-officio)                        Karen Heikel (ex-officio)

                        Sue Balter-Reitz (ex-officio)              D’Ann Campbell (ex-officio)


ABSENT:      Dan Yazak*                                        Jeff Sanders*

                        Sandie Rietz*                                      Steve Coffman*

                        Diane Duin (ex-officio)                      Tasneem Khaleel (ex-officio)*

                        Gary Young (ex-officio)                     Mary Susan Fishbaugh (ex-officio)*

                        Terrie Iverson (ex-officio)                   Stacy Klippenstein (ex-officio)          

* excused


GUEST:         Kirk Lacy


PRESIDING:                                                                   Lorrie Steerey, Chair



Lorrie Steerey called the meeting to order at 3:42 p.m. in McMullen 305.


The minutes of April 23, June 18, and August 28 were accepted as presented.




Item 1  BSEd Broadfield Major in Elementary Education, BSEd Elementary Education/Special Education Double Major, & BSEd Elementary Education/Reading Double Major.  Modify all three programs to change to Academic Foundations, rather than old general education requirements.  FOR INFORMATION ONLY as these changes were completed during Summer 2009.


̃ Motion by Bruce Brumley, seconded by Doug Brown to accept Item 1 for information.


̃ Motion carried.


Item 2  Committee Report 2008-2009:  Academic Standards & Scholastic Standing Committee.

Item 3  Emeritus Nomination:  Joseph Howell, Department of Mathematics, College of Arts and Sciences.  For information.


̃ Motion by Don Larsen, seconded by Doug Brown to accept Items 2 and 3 for information.


̃ Motion carried.


II.        OTHER


Dr. Steerey noted that she is no longer Chair of the Academic Foundations Committee so she can have more time to work on the Academic Foundations database.  Matt Redinger is now Chair.


Dr. Steerey will be having a potluck for the Senators at her home in October.


Sandie Rietz will now be attending the Provost Council meetings.


The Board of Regents meeting is next week on campus.  Please check the agenda on the website and attend if you can.




A.  International Studies Update:  Kirk Lacy, Director of International Outreach


Dr. Lacy stated that a year ago they began efforts to pursue degree-completion partnerships with universities in China.  He traveled to China with a group from Western Oregon University, and MSUB is developing a similar model to what WOU uses.  Dr. Lacy became the Director of International Outreach in January of 2009, and then he and Vice Chancellor Klippenstein traveled to China again to meet with delegations from universities who are interested in working with MSUB.  Another trip was undertaken this past summer to focus on what degrees the Chinese students were interested in earning.  As a result of these meetings, we have 5 signed agreements with Chinese universities and 50 partnerships with programs here at MSUB.  The students start their degree at a university in China, and then complete it here at MSUB, earning either a degree from us or a joint degree from both universities.


Dr. Lacy noted that this Fall we have 19 returning international students and 15 new international students from 15 different countries.  We have 10 new students from China and 3 more will be coming half-way through this semester.


When the students arrive on campus they have varying language abilities; however, they all have a minimum English ability as part of the screening process.  Dr. Lacy is working to develop a pathway for these students to increase their language proficiency with the hiring of an intensive English language director and cooperation with the Academic Support Center.  The intensive English program will be a non-credit model in eight-week terms.  The Academic Support Center will have tutors, who have previous experience in ESL programs, available to the Chinese students.  It was suggested that each student should be linked to a specific faculty member to help them get engaged with the campus.


Along with all these student programs, Dr. Lacy noted that they are also beginning a visiting faculty scholar program.  We currently have four visiting faculty from China who will arrive in October:  two in business, one in math, and one in English.  Facilities Services is setting up a campus house for these faculty.  We also have two more faculty applications in process.  When the visiting faculty arrive, International Studies will host a reception for all campus faculty.  The visiting faculty must apply for the program, and in the application they state specific objectives for their trip such as research, connecting with faculty in their discipline, and cultural engagement with our campus.  The visiting faculty have their salary paid by their host university in China and they also have to demonstrate they can cover their own living expenses while here.  It was cited that visiting faculty can be disconnected and the faculty need to reach out to them and get them involved in the campus.


Dr. Lacy and other MSUB faculty and staff will return to China October 23-November 3 with a focus on northern China and specific collaborations with the College of Business and the College of Technology.  Another trip is planned to southern China in December.


The question was raised as to where the funding is coming from for International Studies and all this travel.  It was noted that no general fund money has been used in this project.  Dr. Lacy is required to report his finances at the end of each year.  This program is not just about making money or even raising FTE, it is to engage our campus globally, which is part of our strategic plan.  This increases opportunities for both our faculty and students to travel abroad.  However, the financial piece is critical because the program has to be sustained.


The Senate requested that Dr. Lacy send them the goals of his program, and asked him to return after the October China trip to report on its results.


B.  NWCCU Standards Update


NWCCU is modifying the standards.  They will be visiting us in the Spring.


C.  Sabbatical Committee Nominees


Volunteers will be solicited by email.


D.  Deadlines for Curriculum 2009-2010


The Senate agreed to the following deadlines:



Grad/UCC Deadline

Academic Senate Deadline


November 18, 2009

December 3, 2009


January 13, 2010

January 28, 2010


E.  Recommendation Line on Academic Senate Forms for IT, Library, and especially OCHE:  D’Ann Campbell, Provost


Dr. Campbell noted that any new course must now be approved by OCHE, so we have to add an approval line for them.  If a faculty member wants to propose a new course, he or she can use the existing number in the Common Course Numbering list if 80% of the syllabus is the same.  If the course is completely unique, the faculty member can suggest a number and the proposal goes to the chair of the discipline for recommendation to OCHE.  These chairpersons can be found on the OCHE transferability website.


As for review by IT or the Library, Dr. Campbell noted that departments may be proposing new programs that either need new technology or impact the Library.  It was noted that the Library and IT should not be able to stop a curriculum proposal.


̃ Motion by Bruce Brumley, seconded by Doug Brown to add a question to the forms to compel faculty to consult with the Library and IT.


̃ Motion carried.


F.  New 493/593 Course for CPSLL


It was noted that the College of Professional Studies and Lifelong Learning would like to offer a course as part of a conference.  It was agreed that a proposal should be put together for the College’s curriculum committee (consisting of three faculty) and approved before the College offers this course.



The meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.