DATE:†††††††††† August 28, 2009


PRESENT:††† Dan Yazak††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Jeff Sanders

††††††††††††††††††††††† Don Larsen†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Sandie Rietz

††††††††††††††††††††††† Paul Bauer†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Rakesh Sah

††††††††††††††††††††††† Lorrie Steerey†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Craig McKenzie

††††††††††††††††††††††† Keith Edgerton†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Doug Brown

††††††††††††††††††††††† Mark Hardt†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Bruce Brumley


ABSENT:††††† Steve Coffman*

* excused


GUESTS:†††††† (for part of the meeting)

††††††††††††††††††††††† Ronald Sexton††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† DíAnn Campbell


PRESIDING:†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Lorrie Steerey, Chair



Lorrie Steerey called the meeting to order at 12:31 p.m. in McMullen 305.


Dr. Steerey noted that Steve Coffman had knee surgery on Wednesday and he is having a difficult recovery.




A.Meeting Time & Place


The Senate will meet every other week this year, so on the alternate weeks the Budget Committee can meet.The Senate will meet in McMullen 305 this year.


B.Breakfast Meetings with the Chancellor


Dr. Steerey would like four to five Senators to join her on these meetings.It was agreed that this Fall, the meetings would be at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesdays (not every week).


C.Chair and Vice Chair Meetings


It was agreed they are not necessary at this time.


D.Students from Leadership Class Attending Senate Meetings


Since these are open, public meetings, the students are welcome to attend.


E.Electronic forms for curricular changes


Dr. Steerey noted that this initiative from last year got lost with the many summer tasks.Our implementation goal for paperless curriculum changes should be Fall 2010.It was agreed that the UCC should create the forms, and Dr. Steerey will meet with them.


F.Curricular Deadlines


A list of deadlines, alternate from last Fallís college order, will be created for the first Senate meeting.


G.Senate Attendance


Please let Ms. Rabe Meduna know if you will be unable to attend a Senate meeting so we can cancel when necessary.


H.Academic Senate Budget Committee


The meeting schedule will alternate with the every-other-Thursday of the Academic Senate.


It was noted that the COE needs another representative.Since there are no representatives from the CAHP, there is an at-large position available.Doug Brown will join the committee as an at-large representative.




A.Chair Elect


Dr. Steerey stated that she would like to serve another term as Chair.This would mean her current term ends at the end of the Spring 2010 semester.Her new term would end at the end of the Spring 2012 semester.


ř Sandie Rietz nominated Lorrie Steerey for Senate Chairperson, seconded by Mark Hardt.


It was noted that the Senate needs a strong leader who is familiar not only with the Board of Regents, but also with the personalities of the Provost and the Chancellor.Dr. Steerey has dealt very effectively with all these people and it would be difficult for someone else to step into that role.


ř Dr. Steerey was elected Chairperson for a two-year term.


The next Chair Elect will be chosen in either Spring or Fall 2011.


B.UCC Chairperson as a Two-Year Term


With the UCC Chair changing every year there is not a lot of continuity.Should the UCC chair serve a two-year term?It was agreed that Dr. Steerey will ask the UCC their opinions on the term length.


C.Senate Executive Committee


It was agreed that the Executive Committee (Chair, Vice Chairs, and Secretary) along with the past Chairs, will come together to meet with the Provost and/or Chancellor.


D.CPSLL Curriculum Committee


It was noted that when the first for-credit course from the CPSLL was approved last Spring, it was agreed that the college should organize a curriculum committee of faculty from other colleges.Any new course from the CPSLL had to have a faculty sponsor.The one new course which was approved has not yet run due to low enrollments.


E.Chancellorís Retreat


Dr. Steerey noted that she has a great deal of materials which she will get distributed to the Senators as soon as possible.She stated that it was a very informative experience and she learned a lot regarding our outreach efforts at Garfield School and the downtown offices.There is huge foot traffic coming into the downtown offices every day.The Chancellor has said that CPSLL must become self-supporting because we canít support it any more.


Regarding Garfield School, MSUB has become an integral part of that community (which is mostly Hispanic), offering pre-college courses with free daycare to moms.Some of those women have even found additional daycare so that they can be full-time students at MSUB.The Garfield projects are all funded by private donations.


F.Chancellor Evaluation


It was noted that the Chancellor has not been evaluated for 12 years.President Gamble has agreed the faculty should do a 360 evaluation.The Senate supports this evaluation.Bozeman will be sending some possible models for the evaluationóit will be different than our current campus 360 evaluations.It was noted that if we find a good model, perhaps we can adopt it for all 360 evaluations.




At this time, Chancellor Sexton and Provost Campbell joined the meeting.


A.MUS Leadership Council


Dr. Sexton noted that the Commissionerís Office has recently begun holding Leadership Council meetings, which replace the earlier Campus Advisory meetings.These Council meetings are primarily CEOs, Chief Financial Officers, and Chief Academic Officers.They are now public meetings.At the meeting in July, there were 80 people in attendance!This Council will meet between every BOR meeting, and it will likely get smaller as it gets more routine.The Regents do attend according to what topic is on the agenda.Provost Campbell noted that there are no faculty representatives on the Leadership Council and a member of the Faculty Senate Chairs group has already filed a protest.Dr. Sexton noted there are no staff or students on the Council either.


Dr. Sexton stated that two days before the July meeting, the Commissionerís Office met with Presidents Gamble and Dennison to discuss what was coming.They created at least three work groups (how many, right now, is still unknown), one of which met here at MSUB in early August.This group was tasked with the reinvention and reformation of the University System.The group is made up of only Regents and community members.They are expected to receive information from the campuses, but the campuses are not to participate.The first public meetings of these groups will likely be at the September BOR meeting.


The Chancellor reminded the Senate that the next BOR meeting is here at MSUB, September 23-25.Dr. Steerey asked the Senators to let her know if they have any issues that need to be brought either to the Faculty Senate Chairs group or the BOR.Friday of the BOR meeting (September 25) is Native American Heritage Day.


B.Budget for FY2010 and the Board of Regents


The question was raised as to why the Provost has a salary increase listed on the Budget sheet.Dr. Sexton responded that itís not actually a salary increase for her, itís the difference between the salary of the interim Provost and the current Provost.


The Chancellor noted that there is a pool of money to give increases to those people making $45,000 or less.They will receive a one-time ďbonusĒ of $450.However, for union positions, the situation is still being bargained.


It was noted that the faculty member receiving a housing allowance was not brought to the FACC when the faculty member was hired.Dr. Sexton responded that he is not sure what occurred with that hire, since the housing allowance was not in the paperwork he saw before the hire was made.That hire was made before Dr. Campbell became Provost.It was cited that faculty are going to be upset about this situation, especially since the allowance is coming out of the Provostís budget.Dr. Sexton noted that anything beyond the CBA salaries (and the Provostís discretionary of $6,000) has to be brought to the FACC, and this was not.Itís an anomaly.Dr. Sexton also cited the fact that deans have been offered housing allowances in the past, but they usually end after two to three years.


Dr. Sexton cited that alternative funding for faculty positions are set up as endowments in the Foundation which must be able to support that faculty line in perpetuity.The Foundationís policy does not permit them to dip into endowments without permission from several parties, including the original donor(s).


The question was raised as to how we can combat the compression of faculty salaries.It was noted that last year an initiative was formed through the Commissionerís Office to get targeted salary increases, but the whole thing fell apart.Dr. Sexton stated that the real solution is to make it clear to the Commissionerís Office and the legislature that this is the number one priority, and then try to get a pool of dollars for targeted increases.However, it is of note that the last time we got a pool of dollars, the Faculty Association voted for a flat, across-the-board increase for all faculty.The Regents have said they wish to equalize salaries for faculty like they did administrators, but it has not been done.


The Chancellor noted that the FY2010 budget is balanced.The University of Montanaís enrollments are way up, and they will ask for a reversion of funds in FY2011 (but not FY2010).We cannot continue using temporary cuts to balance our budgets, because they come back in the following fiscal year.We also assume that we will have only about 94% of our enrollments from Fall to Spring.The BOR has moved all the developmental courses to the COT, which will cause a loss due to the difference in tuition.The BOR is also phasing out the post-baccalaureate program which was charged at 125% of tuition.


Dr. Sexton stated that at the beginning of August, the BOR told us we will lose part of the funding which was covered by the stimulus dollars.That means $18 million cut out of the University System budget.For us, thatís a cut of about $914,000.These cannot be temporary cutsóthey must be permanent because itís highly unlikely our general funds will be increased.However, if we can hold our enrollment increase, it will negate most of the $914,000 deficit.


Dr. Sexton noted that the good news is, there will be $1.2 million dollars for the east campus only in instructional equipment money from BOR policy.We should get more instructional equipment money in FY2011 as well.The only issues with this funding is that it canít be used for consumables or furniture, and itís not for faculty personally.There will be a call for proposals in the Fall semester by the time classes start, and a second call in December.We also have more computers per person (faculty, staff, and students) than any other unit in the system!All of our technology is paid for with student computer fees, including Banner and D2L.


It was noted that the Senate would like to see, in addition to the general fund budget, the balances of such accounts at the student computer fee account.Dr. Sexton responded that Budget Director Tooley can get the Senate a list of all the fees, which go into designated accounts.Fees have exceeded tuition for a long time.It was noted that the Senate would also like to see the accounts for indirect costs for grants as well.


The question was raised as to whether the Foundation endowments can be reviewed.Dr. Sexton noted that the Foundation endowments are legally not accessible and confidential.


The Chancellor stated that non-resident tuition and fees are what is keeping Bozeman and Missoula so healthy.The BOR allowed tuition increases at Bozeman and Missoula because there would be no real harm because of the non-resident revenue.We were supposed to get a chunk of that increase, but instead we got a reallocation of base funding, which is now included in our new base budget.


The BOR has told us that we will make our FY2011-12 budget presentation (just six PowerPoint slides in six minutes) at the September meeting.At the November meeting, we will be required to present our ďcase management plan,Ē another project which came out of the Leadership Council.The format for this plan is still being updated and revised, but it will likely include reworking our mission and role and scope.Dr. Sexton stated that as soon as he has a format, he will bring it to the Senate for faculty input.Bozeman and Missoula have to have their case management plans ready September 9, so ours will be based on theirs.


As part of this project, the BOR is seeking ďmission differentiation.ĒIn the current draft, MSUB is the second tier below the flagship units, called regional comprehensive universities.There is no research, no community service, nothing in our mission.They are taking all of those components and moving them to the flagships only.What they are essentially trying to do is drive students to certain campuses through tuition and admission standards.MSUB is the only urban comprehensive university in Montanaówe must put this first and foremost in all our work to come this fall.Dr. Sexton will get the case management outline which he thinks Bozeman and Missoula are already using to the Senate.


C.Two-Year Education and the COT


Dr. Sexton stated that when Mary Moe was appointed Deputy Commissioner for Two-Year Education, her office set out to create a system of two-year units separate from the other campuses.However, that proved very costly since the COTs have been integrated seamlessly.Instead, we will now see a regional mission for the COTs like the community colleges.The COTs will still do vocational-technical programs, but also grow transfer programs and offer remedial/developmental courses, general education, and workforce training.For many COTs, this has not been their role.Many of the vocational-technical programs require lots of infrastructure and are our most expensive programs.


The question was raised that since the Two-Year Education Council has been dissolved, is there any faculty representation for any of these discussions.Dr. Sexton responded that there has been little or no faculty involvement, but we are asking for more.It was noted that the Faculty Senate Chairs group can make a request as well.


D.Strategic Planning, Assessment, and Accreditation (SPAA) / CQI


It was noted that changing the name of the CQI Committee to SPAA would be difficult since all of our reports for NCATE, AACSB, and so on use CQI.


Provost Campbell noted that we must report to the BOR on every academic program every seven years.Right now we are recommending that if a program does not have a report template, that they use the University of West Florida template which was distributed at the Chairs retreat on August 24.We can then use these reports to see the growth areas, stable areas, and the areas where we are losing students and what may need to be cut.Dr. Sexton noted that these will be especially important to look for duplication, which is a hot issue with transferability.


It was noted that a lot of faculty are wondering why courses are running with just nine students.The understood cut-off is twelve.Dr. Campbell stated that for any course that ran with under twelve, a justification had to be made.This is an informal process where the factors such as students needing the course to graduate and how often the course is offered are considered by the Provost and Deans.It was noted that there needs to be more communication about this process.It was agreed that the Senate Chair, Vice Chairs, Secretary, and past Chairs will meet with the Provost on a regular basis to help establish communication lines.


E.International Studies


Dr. Sexton stated that Western Oregon University, which is very similar to MSUB in many respects, has decided to solve their budget problems by recruiting international students.That is where we are headed.We are currently focusing on China, and it all depends on how quickly we can bring in students who can handle the program and pay full non-resident tuition.The studentsí non-resident tuition will completely pay for all the special needs in getting them here and still put extra dollars in our budget.We pay recruiters in China on a contractual basis (not per student) to find students who can handle the move.We are also recruiting international faculty.We donít pay their expenses except housing.We are working on putting up four female faculty in a campus house.


At this time the group took a short break, and the Provost and Chancellor departed.




The Senate agreed to review the proposed list and discuss the initiatives at the first Senate meeting, scheduled for September 17.



It was noted that through the year it may be necessary to have closed Senate meetings without ex-officio members, similar to a retreat.These will be announced ahead of time.



The meeting adjourned at 3:52 p.m.