March 9, 2009


Dear Senators:


Attached please find the bylaw changes discussed at the February 26 Senate meeting.  The second reading will be conducted via email.  Please click the approve/reject buttons above to send me your vote.  (If you have technical problems, you can just email me your vote.)


Item 52  Academic Senate Bylaws:  Article II., Section A. Membership.  Add the line:  “If a college is unable to fill its position within one semester, the position will become at-large for the duration of that term.”

Item 52.a  Academic Senate Bylaws:  Article IV., Section A. Senate Policy on Committees.  Add new item “15.  Standing Committee chairs shall have term limits of two terms.”

Item 52.b  Academic Senate Bylaws:  Article IV., Section B.  Academic Senate Standing Committees.  Modify the composition of the RACE Committee; modify the composition and quorum of the UCC; modify the composition, term, and quorum of the AFC; and remove the College of Professional Studies and Lifelong Learning from all Standing Committees.


Votes are due this Thursday, March 12 by 5:00 p.m.


Please note in Item 52.b that I have made a change to the UCC quorum rule, which we forgot in the Senate meeting (if the group is substantially smaller, the quorum has to be as well!).  Also note that Item 52 changes Article II of the bylaws, which requires a vote of the entire faculty.  We will be doing that later this semester, also by email.


If you would like the Senate to meet to discuss these changes this Thursday (March 12), please let me know ASAP!  Otherwise we will most likely cancel this week’s meeting.




Votes Received March 12, 2009


Jeff Sanders:  approve all

Rakesh Sah:  approve Item 52, not approve Items 52.a and 52.b

Sandie Rietz:  approve all

Bruce Brumley:  abstain

Kay Streeter:  abstain

Craig McKenzie:  abstain

Keith Edgerton:  approve all

Kurt Toenjes:  approve all

Mark Hardt:  abstain

Matt Redinger:  approve all

Steve Coffman:  approve all

Kayla Miller (student):  approve all



Approval of Items 52, 52.a, and 52.b carries.