DATE:           October 30, 2008


PRESENT:    Jeff Sanders                                        Sandie Rietz

                        Bruce Brumley                                    Kay Streeter

                        Lorrie Steerey                                     Keith Edgerton

                        Gershon Bulgatz                                 Steve Coffman

                        Kayla Miller (student)

                        David Garloff (ex-officio)                  Tasneem Khaleel (ex-officio)

                        Gary Young (ex-officio)                     Mary Susan Fishbaugh (ex-officio)

                        John Cech (ex-officio)                        Karen Heikel (ex-officio)

                        D’Ann Campbell (ex-officio)             Sue Balter-Reitz (ex-officio)


ABSENT:      Craig McKenzie

                        Rakesh Sah*                                       Mark Hardt*

                        Matt Redinger*                                   Rob Barnosky (student)*

                        Kirk Lacy (ex-officio)                         Terrie Iverson (ex-officio)

                        Stacy Klippenstein (ex-officio)

* excused


PRESIDING:                                                                    Lorrie Steerey, Chair


Lorrie Steerey called the meeting to order at 3:44 p.m. in the Beartooth room.


The minutes of October 16 were accepted as presented.




Item 21  AFC Report to Academic Senate.  October 14, 2008


Ž Motion by Keith Edgerton, seconded by Sandie Rietz to approve Item 21.


It was noted that recently an email went out in the College of Arts & Sciences about putting together a survey for all students as they exit Academic Foundations.  The questions for the survey are from the Institutional Report to NWCCU.  Is this survey in direct conflict with the current Academic Foundations assessment program?  The deadline to get your questions in for the survey is November 3.


It was stated that as part of Joe Floyd’s post-retirement agreement, he agreed to expand the survey done by Career Services of our graduates and their employers.  This survey would serve as a comprehensive program assessment.  Right now we are only gathering materials to begin writing the survey—questions which should ascertain the effectiveness of your academic program, not just Academic Foundations.


It was noted that, as NWCCU told us, we need to assess our programs.  However, the manner in which this survey is being proposed and put together once again disenfranchises faculty.  The decision to create and/or expand this survey was made without the faculty.


Provost D’Ann Campbell noted that the College of Technology and College of Allied Health Professions have both been interviewing employers, and those employers have told us that the entire University should be doing the same thing.  The Provost Council will be talking about this survey next week (November 5) and all members of the Senate are welcome to attend the meeting.  It was noted that the College of Education is required by NCATE to survey their graduates’ employers as well.


It was noted that there has been some question about Dr. Floyd’s methodology, and the fact that faculty have been left out of this process so far.  There is also a great deal of confusion on whether this survey assesses only Academic Foundations or all academic programs.


It was stated that we do not want to reinvent anything—that will only waste time and energy.  We need to bring some closure to our assessments in the next 18 months, and this is one way to do it.  There is no “we and they” between the Deans and the faculty when it comes to getting accredited.  We are also working together on the budget, and faculty members are invited to the Provost Council.  Are we going to run another Provost off over this?


Ž Motion carried.




Item 1  SPED 550 Theory and Practice:  Emotional Disturbance.  Change prerequisite.

Item 1.a  SPED 551 Assessment and Program Planning for Special Populations.  Change prerequisite.

Item 1.b  SPED 560 Theory and Practice:  Learning Disabilities.  Change prerequisite.

Item 1.c  SPED 570 Theory and Systems:  Developmental Disabilities.  Change prerequisite.


Ž Motion by Sandie Rietz, seconded by Kay Streeter to approve Items 1, 1.a, 1.b, and 1.c on first reading.


It was noted that this is just a simple prerequisite change and doesn’t affect any current students.


Ž Motion carried.


Ž Motion by Kay Streeter, seconded by Sandie Rietz to waive second reading of Items 1, 1.a, 1.b, and 1.c.


Ž Motion carried.




A.  Sabbatical Committee Nominees


The following people had sabbaticals in the 2007-2008 year:

Will Wickun

Matthew McMullen

Ken Miller

Patricia Vettel-Becker


The following people indicated interest in serving on the Sabbatical Committee:

Rachel Schaffer

Judy McEnany

Jeanine Wilker

Brian Cast

Oliver Chen

James Nowlin

John Pollock


Ž Motion by Bruce Brumley, seconded by Sandie Rietz to approve the list of 11 faculty and forward them to the Provost.


Ž Motion carried.


B.  Collaborations with the MSU-Bozeman ROTC Program:  Vice Chancellor Stacy Klippenstein


Will be postponed until Dr. Klippenstein can attend.


C.  Issue with NURS Courses at the COT


Cheri Johannes, Registrar, stated that there has been a real problem with implementation of the state-mandated nursing curriculum.  For instance, NURS 230 is a 4 credit class with a 3 credit lab.  The class is graded; the lab is pass/fail.  Often, students don’t know they must register for both classes (which are both listed as NURS 230) and there have been problems not caught until the end of the semester.  Ms. Johannes would like to propose splitting out the lab courses which would not change the content or even the titles of the courses.  This will result in 9 new lab courses.


It was agreed that this is only a Banner issue and does not need to go through the curriculum committees.


Ž Motion by Sandie Rietz, seconded by Keith Edgerton to accept the new NURS lab courses.


Ž Motion carried with one abstention.


Ž Motion by Sandie Rietz, seconded by Steve Coffman to waive second reading of the new NURS lab courses.


Ž Motion carried with one abstention.


D.  Desire2Learn (D2L) Conversion Issues


Provost Campbell noted that Michael Barber (CIO) and Tim Tirrell (eLearning Director) met with the Provost Council this week and stated there are 69 courses for spring that have not been transferred from eCollege to D2L.  There are another 150 courses that have started but are not complete.  Many faculty are not responding, so Mr. Tirrell and I.T. are working together to find out who needs help.


It was noted that faculty just don’t have time to do the sometimes painstaking process of copying and pasting their courses.  Dr. Steerey stated that she will send out a letter to all faculty asking them to contact Mr. Tirrell and I.T. because there is funding and training available.


E.  Modified Class Scheduling


Dr. Steerey noted that Chancellor Sexton is seriously considering moving us to a four-day week for a variety of reasons, which include green-ness and that students and faculty like the idea.  Provost Campbell noted that we are still in the very early stages, and we have to figure out the implications for student and facility services.


It was suggested that if we do move to a short week, we should make a site visit to an institution which has already done it to get a feel for how it has really worked.  It was cited that if we do move to a new schedule to offer some classes Friday/Saturday, only one building should be heated and we should put all the Friday/Saturday classes in it.



The meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.