DATE: May 4, 2007





Sent via email April 30, 2007:


Dear Senators:


We agreed not to review new academic programs online. The new General Science program will not be reviewed until Fall 2007. However, the nursing and carpentry programs are already approved, and these (below) are minor changes to the programs.


The nursing program may have difficulty with the Board of Regents without the inclusion of these courses. Discussion with Dean Khaleel about the faculty line needed for the BIOL courses for the nursing program indicates a new hire is not immediately needed, but will eventually be needed. Existing faculty can teach them now but will need additional faculty once it is taught twice a year for the nursing program.


The new courses in the Carpentry program is what the program change is about.


Finally, the changes for Reading and Math are very simple.


Approved by the UCC 4/25/07


Item 71 RD 401 Reflective Practice in Reading/Language Arts. Change title.


Item 72 BIOL 251 Microbiology for the Health Sciences. Change prerequisite.

Item 72.a BIOL 104 Nutrition for Health Careers. New course.


Item 74 AAS in Construction Technology - Carpentry. Modification to an existing program.

Item 74.a CARP 150 Carpentry Practicum I. Change title to Beginning Carpentry Practicum.

Item 74.b CARP 250 Carpentry Practicum II. Change title to Advanced Carpentry Practicum and change credits from 3 to 4.

Item 74.c TRID 120 Concrete Forms, Reinforcement, and Handling. Change title to Introduction to Concrete, change credits from 5 to 2, and change course description.

Item 74.d CARP 152 Intermediate Carpentry Practicum. New course.

Item 74.e CARP 252 Capstone Carpentry Practicum. New course.

Item 74.f TRID 220 Advanced Concrete Working. New course.


Item 75 MATH 122 College Mathematics for Technology. Change prerequisite and course description.

Item 75.a MATH 103 Essential Mathematics for the Trades. New course.


Please reply to Rita by 5:00 p.m. this Friday, May 4 with your accept/not accept vote.


For Dr. Audrey ConnerRosberg,

Rita J. Rabe Meduna

Administrative Assistant

MSU-Billings Academic Senate





Agnes Samples abstain

Jeff Sanders accept

Rakesh Sah accept

Sandie Rietz accept

Bruce Brumley accept

Audrey ConnerRosberg accept

Lorrie Steerey abstain

Johanna Mitchell abstain

Keith Edgerton accept

M.G. Bulgatz abstain

Mark Hardt abstain

Craig McKenzie accept

Suneetha de Silva abstain


Acceptance of items carries, 7-0.