DATE:            January 31, 2008


PRESENT:     Agnes Samples                                     Jeff Sanders

                        Rakesh Sah                                          Bruce Brumley

                        Lorrie Steerey                                      Gershon Bulgatz

                        Mark Hardt                                          Craig McKenzie

                        Steve Coffman                                      Tasneem Khaleel (ex-officio)

                        Karen Heikel (ex-officio)                      George White (ex-officio)


ABSENT:       Alicia Esteves (student)                         James Ellis (student)

                        Sandie Rietz*                                       Kay Streeter*

                        Johanna Mitchell*                                 Keith Edgerton*

                        David Garloff (ex-officio)                      Gary Young (ex-officio)

                        Mary Susan Fishbaugh (ex-officio)*      John Cech (ex-officio)

                        Terrie Iverson (ex-officio)                     Stacy Klippenstein (ex-officio)

* excused


GUESTS:        Eakle Barfield                                       Diane Duin

                        Tim Tirrell


PRESIDING: Lorrie Steerey, Chair


Lorrie Steerey called the meeting to order at 3:43 p.m. in the Chancellor’s Conference Room.


The minutes of January 24 were accepted as presented.




Item 28  Emeritus Nomination of Ms Susan Baack, Instructor, Department of General Education, College of Technology.  For information.


Ž Motion by Steve Coffman, seconded by Rakesh Sah to accept Item 28.


Ž Motion carried.




Item 18.n  HADM 687 Health Care Marketing.  Change title to Healthcare Marketing and Strategy, change credits from 2 to 3, and change course description.


Ž Motion by Bruce Brumley, seconded by Mark Hardt to approve Item 18.n.


Diane Duin noted that this course is part of the package the Senate approved last Fall.  This change combines two courses and the program has been reduced from 57 to 47 total credits.


Ž Motion carried.




A.  March BOR Meeting in Dillon Attendance


Keith Edgerton and Sandie Rietz have already agreed to attend the meeting with Dr. Steerey.


B.  McMullen Renovation:  Eakle Barfield, Director of Facilities Services


Mr. Barfield stated that in addition to the remodel of the first floor and basement, there is also asbestos abatement to be done on all floors of the building.  The entire building has to be evacuated for the abatement from February to July, so there will be maps, signs, and flyers to help students (and faculty & staff) find the relocated offices.  The first floor remodel will close off the current east and west corridors to make use of the hallway areas as meeting space.  We will also be working with Google Maps to create interactive maps of the campus in a kiosk on the first floor.  The current aluminum south doors will be replaced with more historically accurate wood.


The basement will also be remodeled and the west hallway will be closed off and made into additional office space for Business Services.  The “dungeon,” the storage room in the center of the basement, will be converted to a public bathroom.  There will be storage available in the Santa Fe building downtown.


Dr. Steerey noted that with all the budget cuts we may need to make, please be aware that we cannot use this renovation money to balance our deficit.  The funds came from the legislature and if we don’t use them we lose them.


The question was raised as to what “green” technology or products will be used in the remodel.  Mr. Barfield noted that if we can use more efficient lighting and other products, we will.  Most “green” technologies are in the structure of a building, which we will not be changing.  However, we did install a new boiler last year that has doubled the efficiency of the old boiler.


Mr. Barfield noted that the elevator in McMullen will also be refurbished, and so will be unavailable until approximately the end of September.  It was noted that the Fall 2008 Senate meetings will need to be held in a room other than the CCR.


Mr. Barfield also cited that the remodel and expansion of the Science building is the number two project (at $12,000,000) on the MSU Long Range Building Plan.  This list has yet to be negotiated with the U of M side, where it could be bumped farther down the list, before going to the legislature.  At the legislature, we hope to request a new building rather than a remodel.


Mr. Barfield agreed to have the janitorial schedule removed from the door of room 100 in the College of Business.


C.  Summer Session Discussion:  Karen Heikel, Dean, CPSLL


Dean Heikel shared her notes on a discussion that was held at Provost Council January 3 about the increased promotion of Summer Session, measures of success, and criteria for Summer Session.  The promotion is everywhere all over campus in the form of posters, bracelets, and t-shirts.  New Student Services and the Jacket Student Ambassadors are also involved in the promotion.  The residence halls are holding a contest for best window decorated with the “3-5-5” theme.  The Summer on Ice event, which is held the first day students can register for summer, was very successful last year, drawing more than 400 people.  This year’s event will be February 19.


This summer we will have increased Library and food service hours.  Vice Chancellor Klippenstein is working on a reduced rate for housing and meal plans for students who take classes during the first three-week session.


The goal of all of this work is to reverse the flat trend of summer FTE.  The question was raised as to whether there will be targets for enrollments for each class, such as five for graduate classes and ten for undergraduate.  Dean Heikel noted that each class will be looked at individually, and the decision to cancel a class will be made by the appropriate dean.


Provost White noted that one issue is the difference in cost from one faculty member to another.  A new faculty member with a starting salary will cost less to teach a class than a veteran faculty member with a much higher salary.  The class starts paying for itself much sooner with the new faculty member.  Dr. White stated that he welcomes proposals from the Senate about what could be changed.  The cut offs of five students for graduate courses, ten students for undergraduate upper division, and twenty students for undergraduate lower division have been around for many, many years.  Perhaps we need to try something new.  It was noted that if we don’t offer the general education/Academic Foundations courses needed by students, we are restricting their access to our “access and excellence.”  Dr. White also noted that we have graduation guarantees:  a student should be able to graduate from a four-year program in four years without taking any online or summer courses.  There is an unwritten policy that you cannot offer a course required for graduation only in the summer.


Dean Heikel noted that another goal is to reduce or eliminate bottlenecks for high-demand courses.  Students who are already employed full time need courses that are not during the work day, so alternative class times are also being worked out.


Dean Heikel noted that she welcomes suggestions for questions to add to her survey, which is done at the end of every session.  She will be asking such questions as why did they take summer classes:  was it to lighten the load in fall?  Or to save money before tuition goes up in fall?  She would also like to bring together a focus group of faculty who will teach in the first three-week session to get their thoughts on the short schedule and their students’ engagement.  Having Senators as part of the focus group would be helpful also.


It was noted that the College of Business is going to all online courses in the summer.  It was cited that online enrollments in summer continue to rise, while in-class courses continue to fall.  It was cited that if the COB goes all online, that trend will increase.


D.  Chancellor’s Budget Committee:  Meeting Report


Dr. Steerey stated that a memo will be going out to the campus about involvement in the budget process.  The Chancellor truly wants everyone to participate.  Perhaps later this spring the Senate could call a meeting of all faculty to discuss the budget.  Dr. Sexton is also working on sessions where faculty and staff can comment and respond to the proposed budget cuts.


It was noted that it’s important that the Senate keeps up with the budget process because two months down the road we won’t be able to go back and change something.


E.  EDUCAUSE Conference in Florida, July 14-15, 2008


Provost White stated that he will send a team of faculty with Tim Tirrell, new director of eLearning, to this conference on innovative methods of distance learning.  He would like two faculty who are well-acquainted with online and one senior faculty who is not.  Lorrie Steerey and Steve Coffman indicated they would attend and they have a great deal of experience teaching online.  Mark Hardt indicated he would attend as he has never taught online.  Provost White noted that he would also like someone from the COT to attend if possible.  Also, this conference is extremely popular and fills up extremely fast, so we need to get our registration in quickly.



The meeting adjourned at 4:46 p.m.