DATE:            May 5, 2005


PRESENT:     Alan Davis                                                   Mark Hardt

                        Lorrie Steerey                                              Sandie Rietz

                        Audrey ConnerRosberg                               Mary Susan Fishbaugh

                        Keith Edgerton                                            Randall Gloege

                        Bruce Brumley                                             Noreen Lee

                        Craig McKenzie                                          Matt Redinger

                        Amanda Mears (student)                              Tasneem Khaleel (ex-officio)


ABSENT:       Paul Bauer – excused

                        Carl Hanson (ex-officio)                               Joe Michels (ex-officio)

                        George White (ex-officio)                            John Cech (ex-officio)

                        Janie Park (ex-officio)                                  Terrie Iverson (ex-officio)

                        Curt Kochner (ex-officio)


PRESIDING: Keith Edgerton, Chair



Keith Edgerton called the meeting to order at 3:46 p.m. in the Chancellor’s Conference Room.


The minutes of April 28 were accepted as presented.





Item 82  Courses Outside of Business Policy for College of Business.  Remove policy:  AACSB no longer requires students to take 50% (60 cr.) of their degree credits outside the COB.  For information.

(Item not on the agenda)


Lorrie Steerey stated that the policy was not working well for some business majors.  AACSB has removed the requirement.


Ž Motion by Mark Hardt, seconded by Audrey ConnerRosberg to accept Item 82 for information.


Ž Motion carried.


II.         Election of Officers for 2005-2006:  3 Vice Chairs, 1 Secretary


The Senate agreed by acclaimation to approve the following officers:

Vice Chairs

Randall Gloege, Lorrie Steerey, Audrey ConnerRosberg


Mark Hardt




Item 75  Bachelor of Applied Science Degree.  Modification of an existing program.


Item 72  AS Degree Program of Study in Drafting and Design.  New program.


Item 73  ENGL 140 Business Writing.  Change prerequisites.

Item 73.a  ENGL 145 Technical Communication.  Change prerequisites.

Item 73.b  CTCM 210 Editing for Business Writing.  Change rubric, course number, and prerequisites.


Ž Motion by Randall Gloege, seconded by Mark Hardt to accept Items 75, 72, 73, 73.a, and 73.b for information.


Ž Motion carried.




Item 60  Academic Senate Bylaws.  Revision of Membership section to add student voting right (one vote between two students).


Results of Electronic General Faculty Vote

Out of 173 faculty, 52 voted:  48 for and 4 against.


As the General Faculty have approved the bylaw change, it will be entered into the bylaws.


Ms. Mears and Ms. Valenzuela will not be able to serve on the Academic Senate next year.  Dr. Edgerton stated he would send a memo to the ASMSU-B stating the Academic Senate’s need for two students.




Item 64  REHA/SCOU 505 Theories of Counseling.  Change rubric to SCOU.

Item 64.a  REHA/SCOU 507 Ethical and Professional Issues for Counselors and Family Therapists.  Change rubric to SCOU.

Item 64.b  REHA/SCOU 557 Group Process:  Theory and Practice.  Change rubric to SCOU.


Item 81  REHA/SCOU 520 Group and Individual Evaluation.  Change rubric to REHA.

Item 81.a  REHA/SCOU 504 Career and Lifestyle Development. Change rubric to REHA.

Item 81.b  REHA/SCOU 543 Marriage and Family Therapy.  Change rubric to REHA.


Ž Motion by Lorrie Steerey, seconded by Randall Gloege to approve Items 64, 64.a, 64.b, 81, 81.a, and 81.b on first reading.


Ž Motion carried.


Ž Motion by Lorrie Steerey, seconded by Mark Hardt to waive second reading of Items 64, 64.a, 64.b, 81, 81.a, and 81.b.


Ž Motion carried.




A.  Recruitment and Retention Task Force


Lorrie Steerey reported that the recruitment and retention survey has been completed and is ready to go out to faculty, staff, administrators, and students.  It was noted that if we send them out now, we won’t get much response until fall.  This is also too important to rush through.


Amanda Mears noted that the ASMSU-B conducted a survey and 30% of those students stated they had to go an extra year at MSU-Billings because of the Advising Center.


It was agreed that Dr. Edgerton should get on the agenda for the Opening Meeting this fall, where the survey could be distributed and completed.



B.  Commendation for Mrs. Rita Rabe Meduna, Academic Senate Administrative Assistant


Dear Chancellor Sexton:


As I have done now for the last three years, on behalf of the Academic Senate I would like to take the opportunity to alert you again to the outstanding effort put forth this year by Ms. Rita Rabe Meduna, who divides her time as the Academic Senate’s, UCC’s, and General Education Committee’s secretary, responsibilities in your office, and in the office of the Provost.  Her work this year for the Academic Senate has continued to be truly exceptional and is worthy of special commendation and recognition.  I think I am running out of adjectives to describe this energetic, cheerful, FABULOUS person.  We are truly fortunate to have her.


I have worked with Rita for three years now and never ONCE have I heard her complain, even during those moments when I am at my least pleasant to be around.  We need more Rita Rabe Medunas on this campus.  She is special.  Exceptionally special.  I have never met anyone who can roll with the punches quite like Rita can.


The Academic Senate wants, again, to extend to her our utmost gratitude for her outstanding performance this past year serving us.  At I stated last year (and the year before and the year before—and as we will undoubtedly state next year and forever thereafter) whatever we are paying her isn’t nearly enough.  She’s a fabulous campus representative and an invaluable member of our institution.


That gal rocks!



C.  Board of Regents Meeting:  May 18-20 at the MSU-B College of Technology


Keith Edgerton stated that the BOR will continue to look at transferability issues in the Montana University System, such as minimum transferable grades, how much of general education is portable, possibly mandating a plus/minus grading system, and the Indian Education for All Act.


It was noted that the Legislature and the BOR seem to want to make education efficient.  Efficient does not mean better in education.



The meeting adjourned at 4:35 p.m.