DATE:            April 4, 2002


PRESENT:     George Benedict                                          Sandie Rietz

                        George Madden                                          Keith Edgerton

                        Randall Gloege                                            Doxey Hatch

                        Connie Landis                                              Matt Redinger

                        Dan Zirker (ex-officio)                                 Janie Park (ex-officio)

                        Nicole Alley (student ex-officio)

                        Christina Sprague (student ex-officio)


ABSENT:       Doug Brown – excused                               David Gurchiek – excused

                        Paul Bauer – excused

                        Mark Hardt


                        Bob Carr (ex-officio)                                   Scott Harris (ex-officio)

                        Randy Rhine (ex-officio)                              George White (ex-officio)

                        Terrie Iverson (ex-officio)                            Lee Peters (ex-officio)


GUESTS:        Dan Yazak                                                  James Friguglietti

                        Mary Susan Fishbaugh

                        David Crisp of the Billings Outpost

                        Mary Pickett of the Billings Gazette


PRESIDING: Sandie Rietz, Chair



Sandie Rietz called the meeting to order at 3:33 p.m. on April 4, 2002 in the Chancellor’s Conference Room.


The February 28, 2002 meeting minutes were approved.


I.          ITEM 4.a


Item 4.a CHS to SC Change rubric – Already approved by Senate [12/13/01] and Chancellor [1/9/02].  Change SC to SCOU because of Banner error.


̃ Motion by Connie Landis, seconded by Keith Edgerton, to approve the change in Item 4.a.


̃ Motion carried.




Item 11  CHS 591  Independent Study.  Change rubric.

Item 11.a  CHS 592  Seminar.  Change rubric.

Item 11.b  CHS 593  Workshop.  Change rubric.

Item 11.c  CHS 594  Clinic.  Change rubric.


̃ Motion by Keith Edgerton, seconded by George Madden, to approve Items 11, 11.a, 11.b, and 11.c on first reading.


̃ Motion carried.



̃ Motion by Matt Redinger, seconded by Keith Edgerton, to waive second reading of Items 11, 11.a, 11.b, and 11.c.


̃ Motion carried.


Item 12  Master of Education School Counseling Option (K-12).  Program modifications.


̃ Motion by Keith Edgerton, seconded by Connie Landis, to table Item 12 until a member of the department can attend a Senate meeting and discuss the changes involved.


̃ Motion carried.




Item 17  Level I and II Procedures for Program Changes – Board of Regents.  For information.

Item 21  Board of Regents Information Technology Policies – Montana University System.  First revision, February 27, 2002 (for March BOR Meeting).  For information.


̃ Motion by Keith Edgerton, seconded by Matt Redinger, to table Items 17 and 21 until the Senate has more time to discuss the issues.


̃ Motion carried.




Item 53.c (2000-2001) EDUC 587/687 Special Education Student Teaching.  Delete course.

Due to an error in the Academic Senate office, this item was incorrectly voided last fall.


̃ Motion by Keith Edgerton, seconded by Matt Redinger, to approve Item 53.c on first reading.


̃ Motion carried.



̃ Motion by Matt Redinger, seconded by Keith Edgerton, to waive second reading of Item 53.c.


̃ Motion carried.


A.  Crippen Cabin Issues for Discussion.  Randall Gloege explained why he had brought this issue to the Senate.  He stated that the cabin is being gifted to MSU-Billings.  It can only be used for educational purposes.  However, it’s a long and difficult hike to get to the cabin and there are no adequate cooking or sleeping facilities.  Just trying to survive will take up most of the campers’ time, not leaving much for educational purposes.  MSU-B will also be in charge of repairs and maintenance, should the University accept this gift.  Apparently, MSU-B is already in possession of paperwork for the cabin, the terms of the lease are what are being negotiated right now.  In 1999, the previous lease expired, and the Forest Service was set to tear the cabin down, but Conrad Burns, Ron Sexton, and others intervened to stop the demolition.


The faculty of the Environmental Studies program are totally opposed to the acquisition of this cabin, as is the Environmental Club.  There is no interest among the faculty or students for using this cabin.


̃ Motion by George Madden, seconded by Matt Redinger, to adopt the Resolution of the Senate concerning the Crippen Cabin (attached) on first reading, subject to clarification.


̃ Motion carried.


It was then noted that this resolution should be sent to Chancellor Sexton for his response and also to all faculty.


A questionnaire had been prepared to send to faculty to ascertain their interest in the Crippen Cabin.  This idea was discarded in favor of distributing the resolution via email to the faculty and asking for responses.  A selection of documents concerning the cabin should also be put on reserve in the library for faculty and students to read.  This selection would include the packet distributed at the Senate meeting, any newspaper articles, and the Wilderness Act of 1964.


A.  Assessment and Learning Outcomes:  Presentation & Discussion by Dr. Janie Park.  Dr. Park stated that several things were agreed on at the last ASFAC (Academic Senate Faculty Association Coalition) meeting.  The main point was to table four of the five categories in the “Reward the Things We Value” system, and keep Learning Outcomes Assessment.


Faculty can assess students better than anyone else, so at the ASFAC meeting, the Senate agreed to take on the task of assessment.  Dr. Park agreed to provide the language of the NWASC requirements for assessment (attached).  However, the interim 5-year evaluation of MSU-B from NWASC will be coming up in 2003.  The University stated at its last 10-year evaluation that assessment tools would be improved.  Therefore, an assessment system must be ready to go by March of 2003.


It was suggested that evaluations of assessment systems of other campuses should be brought to the Senate for reference.


The Senate then agreed that this project should be shared jointly with the Senate and the Office of the Provost.  Sandie Rietz then volunteered to take this project on, and become the liaison between the Senate and the Office of the Provost.


It was stated that in the recent NCATE evaluation of the College of Education and Human Services proved to be a very positive experience.  The evaluation process requires the faculty to really consider what they want their students to learn.


Dr. Park also noted that General Education is considered a program and also must be assessed.  It is important to have a mid-point evaluation, not just an end-point that determines whether or not the student receives a degree.


The meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.


The next Senate meeting will be April 11, 2002.