DATE:            April 26, 2001


PRESENT:     Mark Hardt, Connie Landis, J.D.Vezey, George Benedict, Paul Bauer, Judy McEnany, Randall Gloege, Dan Zirker (ex-officio), Janie Park (ex-officio)                                     


ABSENT:       Matt Benacquista, Doug Brown (excused), David Gurchiek (excused), Doxey Hatch (excused), Terrie Iverson (ex-officio), Bob Carr (ex-officio), Barb Nemecek (ex-officio), Randy Rhine (ex-officio), Paula Lundstrom (ex-officio), George White (ex-officio), Lee Peters (ex-officio)


GUESTS:        Mary Susan Fishbaugh, Scott Harris


PRESIDING: Sandie Rietz, Chair



Sandie Rietz called the meeting to order at 3:38 p.m. on April 26, 2001, in the Chancellor’s Conference Room.


The April 19th, 2001 meeting minutes were approved.





      Mark Hardt stated that since the catalog has been created this year there are two years to implement changes to General Education, so starting in September they will begin to discuss and alter the program.  He mentioned the rubric content as an issue, along with “hidden” requirements.  George Benedict made the point that the decisions for these changes need to be made in the next academic year if they want to make it into the next catalog.  Hardt said the two books that were mentioned in last week’s meeting are homework for the summer and will be used to begin discussions in the fall.


Janie Park did approve the use of senate funds for the purchase of the texts.



      Mary Susan Fishbaugh attended the meeting to discuss the UBC.  She also discussed the Chancellor’s vision to provide community college services in the university setting to support the students coming out of the area’s high schools and to better serve those students who need remediation.  This would increase the FTE and help students become prepared to enter the university level programs later.  Janie Park spoke as well, discussing how to expand the services without taking away from the college at present.  Janie discussed how the Chancellor is ready to go forward with these programs, but they need to do some more studies on the effect it will have on the college as a whole.




It was decided that there should be communication via email and chat rooms and/or actual summer meetings of AS.  There will be a list made of the AS faculty who will be teaching this summer and who will be in the area or abroad, so that discussions may continue throughout the summer.  The list will be available in the senate office once constructed.




1.  Changes for memo of last week on the Joint Faculty Association/Senate Resolution.

None of the present AS members had any changes for the memo, so it will be sent as is, and will be made available to all faculty members.  There will be a few hard copies in the Academic Senate office and it will be sent via email to all members of the faculty.


2. MSU-B Academic Senate Association Executive Board Committee – Changes from COT.

The College of Technology had nothing to add to this memo.  Sandie suggested they would need to put their name on it as currently they did not seem to be included.  It will be altered to include J.D.Vezey as the COT Vice President and it will be made clear that they have a separate bargaining unit than the main campus.


Gloege motioned that these two memos be accepted, with the changes for the COT, motion seconded, and passed.




Randall Gloege motioned that Sandie Rietz continue on as Chair of the Academic Senate,

motion passed and Sandie accepted.





Connie motioned that the following people be elected as Vice Chairs:

      Mark Hardt

      Randall Gloege

      Paul Bauer

      Doug Brown

Motion to accept all four nominees as a group passed, and they accepted.


Motion was made to accept George Benedict as the Secretary of the Academic Senate, the motion passed, and he accepted.


The Executive Board:

      Sandie Rietz                       Chair

      Mark Hardt                        Vice Chair

      Randall Gloege                   Vice Chair

      Paul Bauer                          Vice Chair

      Doug Brown                       Vice Chair

      George Benedict                 Secretary




Randall Gloege moved to accepted Matt Redinger’s nomination to the University Budget Committee, motion passed.

Sandie reported that Ten Jensen and Alan Davis had declined, and she has not heard from Doxey Hatch.  Sandie will call Jeff Sanders to ask if he would be able to serve on the committee.


The meeting ended at 5:00pm.


The senate will be discussing issues over the summer via online communications and possibly hold a meeting TBA over the summer session.  The regular meeting will commence in the Fall of 2001.