DATE:         February 21, 2002


PRESENT:    Sandie Rietz                                    Dave Gurchiek

                  Paul Bauer                                      George Madden

                  Keith Edgerton                                Randall Gloege

                  Doxey Hatch                                   Mark Hardt

                  Connie Landis                                 Matt Redinger

                  Dan Zirker (ex-officio)                       Janie Park (ex-officio)


ABSENT:     George Benedict – excused                   Doug Brown – excused


                  Bob Carr (ex-officio)                          Scott Harris (ex-officio)

                  Randy Rhine (ex-officio)                     George White (ex-officio)

                  Terrie Iverson (ex-officio)                    Bryce Anderson (ex-officio)

                  Lee Peters (ex-officio)


PRESIDING: Sandie Rietz, Chair



Sandie Rietz called the meeting to order at 3:40 p.m. on February 21, 2002 in the Chancellor’s Conference Room.


The February 14, 2002 meeting minutes were approved.




Item 1  LANG 319 Teaching Foreign Languages K-12.  Change prefix/rubric.

Item 1.a  ENGL 424 Teaching English.  Change prefix/rubric.


It was stated that most all of the methods courses had been moved to the College of Education and Human Services because NCATE requires that the college be in control of these courses.  It is possible that the instructors teaching these courses now will continue to teach them in the future, but it is unlikely.  It was noted that this move may result in a communication breakdown between the College of Education and Human Services and the College of Arts and Sciences.


̃ Motion by Randall Gloege, seconded by George Madden to accept Items 1 and 1.a.


̃ Motion carried.




Item 3  SPAN 306.  Delete course.

Item 3.a  SPAN 308.  Delete course.


̃ Motion by Randall Gloege, seconded by Matt Redinger to accept Items 3 and 3.a.


̃ Motion carried.




Item 16.b  Emeritus nomination of Ms. Joanne Sheridan, Professor, Business Academic Programs, College of Business.  For information only.


̃ Motion by Randall Gloege, seconded by Matt Redinger to approve the emeritus nominations of Joanne Sheridan (Item 16.b) and Walt Gulick (who is currently requesting an extension of the February 15 deadline).


̃ Motion carried.




Item 14  IPC 590 Field Experience.  Change catalog number.


̃ Motion by Keith Edgerton, seconded by Matt Redinger to approve Item 14.


̃ Motion carried.


̃ Motion by Matt Redinger, seconded by Keith Edgerton to waive second reading of Item 14.


̃ Motion carried.




Item 16  Notice of Intent – Master of Science Degree in Athletic Training.  For information.

Item 16.a  Proposal for Master’s Degree in Athletic Training (to be submitted to Board of Regents).  For information.


There was some discussion of submission of Level I and II items to the Senate.  Janie Park, Provost, stated that items from all the Colleges of Technology do not have to be submitted to the Board of Regents for approval for two years in order to give them time to get new programs up and running.  Because of this confusing policy, items often skip the Senate because many faculty and administrators are unaware that the items have not already been to the Senate.  This is the reason why six items from the COT have not been to Senate yet.


Dr. Park also stated that just because the Board of Regents has approved a new program (usually prior to the Senate seeing it), it does not mean that it must be approved by the Senate.  The Senate still retains its right to request more information and make modifications before approval/disapproval.


̃ Motion by Randall Gloege, seconded by Matt Redinger to accept Items 16 and 16.a.


̃ Motion carried.




A.  Discussion of Statements Written by George Madden concerning Faculty and Revision of Academic Senate Forms.  George Madden presented a modified system for the Academic Senate forms.  There are no committees except for the Academic Senate.  Dr. Madden also noted that he uses the term “tenure track faculty” to imply that changes should be initiated by faculty who are interested in staying at this institution for a long time.  This system is still a draft.


The Senate decided that they will contemplate this new system and give feedback at the next meeting.




A.  Senator to Attend March Board of Regents Meeting with Sandie Rietz.  A volunteer is still needed.


B.  Memo from Lea Geraud – NCATE Meeting with Senate.  This meeting is now scheduled on Tuesday, March 26, 2002 at 2:00 p.m. in CEHS 280.  All Senate members are welcome to attend.


C.  Representative to Credit Transfer Committee.  Sandie Rietz stated that she will go if no one else would like to volunteer.


Janie Park, Provost, also stated that Joyce Scott, Deputy Commissioner for Academic and Student Affiars, had just sent her an email requesting that she choose or create a steering committee on this campus to deal with credit transfer issues.  She stated that the Credit Transfer Committee will have two tiers:  one steering committee at each campus and one large steering committee comprised of representatives from all campuses.  She asked that the Senate designate one of its standing committees to fulfill the campus role.  The Senate volunteered itself to be the MSU-Billings steering committee for credit transferability.


D.  Senate Assistance with Instituting and Providing Publicity for an Online Graduate Catalog.  Sandie Rietz stated that she has sent a note to George White, Director of Graduate Studies, and Alan Davis, Chair, Graduate Committee, asking what support they may need from the Senate.


The meeting adjourned at 5:10 p.m.


The next Senate meeting will be February 28, 2002.