DATE:            January 24, 2002


PRESENT:     George Benedict                                          Doug Brown

                        Sandie Rietz                                                 Dave Gurchiek

                        Paul Bauer                                                   George Madden

                        Keith Edgerton                                            Randall Gloege

                        Doxey Hatch                                               Connie Landis

                        Matt Redinger


ABSENT:       Mark Hardt


                        Bob Carr (ex-officio)                                   Scott Harris (ex-officio)

                        Randy Rhine (ex-officio)                              George White (ex-officio)

                        Dan Zirker (ex-officio)                                 Terrie Iverson (ex-officio)

                        Janie Park (ex-officio)                                  Bryce Anderson (ex-officio)

                        Lee Peters (ex-officio)


PRESIDING: Sandie Rietz, Chair



Sandie Rietz called the meeting to order at 3:35 p.m. on January 24, 2002 in the Chancellor’s Conference Room.


The December 13, 2001 meeting minutes were approved.




Item 6.a  REHA 501  Principles of Social and Rehabilitation Services.  Change title and course description.

Item 6.b  REHA 502  Psychological Aspects of Disability.  Change title and course description.

Item 6.c  REHA 504  Career, Special Education and Community Resources.  Change title and course description.

Item 6.d  REHA 515  Medical Aspects of Disability.  Change title and course description.

Item 6.e  REHA 521  Advanced Counseling.  Change title and course description.

Item 6.g  Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling.  Program modifications.


Alan Davis, Professor, Special Education, Counseling, Reading, and Early Childhood, explained the reasons behind the changes in the Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling.  He stated that the basic structure and core of this degree has not changed since 1967, but the needs of the clients have changed dramatically.  The changes involved will give a clearer focus to the program, and improve the ability of the program to educate those already in the field.  The question of adequate faculty was raised.  Dr. Davis stated that they can deliver this program effectively with the small number of faculty they have in the department.  He also commented that many members of the community were involved in developing these changes.


Ž Motion by Randall Gloege, second by Matt Redinger to approve Items 6.a, 6.b, 6.c, 6.d, 6.e, and 6.g on first reading, given that syllabi are provided before second reading.


Ž Motion carried.



Item 4.c  SC 599  Thesis.  New course.


Ž Motion by Keith Edgerton, second by Doug Brown to approve Item 4.c on first reading.


            Ž Motion carried with one abstention.


Ž Motion by Randall Gloege, second by Keith Edgerton to waive second reading of Item 4.c.


            Ž Motion carried with one abstention.



Item 6.f  Master of Science in Special Education – Community Counseling Option.  Delete Program.


The Senate discussed the reasons why this program is to be deleted.  It was cited that a request to put this program on moratorium will be sent to the Board of Regents shortly.  It was decided that this program should not be deleted while on moratorium.


Ž Motion by Keith Edgerton, second by Matt Redinger to remand Item 6.f back to the department.


            Ž Motion carried.





Item 7.a  Calendars for 2003-2004 and 2004-2005 academic years.  For information only.


The Senate decided, after much discussion of clock hours, that Karen Everett be requested to attend the next Senate meeting to discuss the Senate’s concerns.  These concerns includes the gradually lower amount of contact hours with students and the students’ feelings about evening classes being offered from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. rather than 5:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.




A.  Chancellor’s Request for Three Faculty to Serve on the Terrie Iverson Evaluation Committee.  Sandie Rietz stated that she has agreed to serve as the Senate designee, since this committee begins meeting this week.  However, she would prefer a substitute to serve for her.  Lorrie Steerey has volunteered for the position.


The Senate decided they would like more information on this “new system” being developed for evaluations.  Joe Floyd will be requested to attend a future Senate meeting to explain the evaluation process.


B.  Provost’s Response (memo) to UCC and Senate Action on Items Below:

Item 118 Bachelor of Science in Education Degree Teaching Major in Social Science.  Deletion of program.

Item 119 Bachelor of Science Degree Teaching Certificate Option in Biology.  Modify existing program.

Item 119.a Bachelor of Science Degree Teaching Certificate Option in Chemistry.  Modify existing program.

Item 121 Bachelor of Arts Degree with Teaching Certificate Option in History.  Modify existing program.


The Senate discussed the need to stand firm on deadlines, so in the future, changes in the catalog will not have to be done during the summer when faculty is absent.


C.  Discussion of Policy of Submitting Items to the Board of Regents before submitting them to the Academic Senate.  Sandie Rietz noted that the reorganization of the College of Education and Human services was already completed before the Board of Regents even approved the item.  It was also noted that several new program requests have been put to the Board of Regents before the Senate ever saw them.




A.  President Geoff Gamble – visit to MSU-Billings.  Sandie Reitz and Keith Edgerton stated that they met with President Gamble at the January Board of Regents Meeting, and he expressed interest in meeting with the Academic Senate.  At the next Senate meeting, an agenda of topics for his visit will be developed.  A formal invitation to President Gamble will also be composed.


The meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.


The next Senate meeting will be January 31, 2002.