TO:                 Academic Senate Members


FROM:           Dr. Lorrie Steerey, Chair

                        Academic Senate





The next meeting of the Academic Senate will be held on Thursday, January 28, 2010, at 3:40 p.m. in the Chancellor’s Conference Room (McM 209).


I.          ACCEPTANCE OF MINUTES:  December 10




Approved by the Grad Committee 11/5/09

Item 7  EDCI 500 Curriculum Development.  Change credits from 4 to 2 and change course description.

Item 7.a  EDCI 551 Instructional Strategies in Language Arts and Social Studies.  Delete course.

Item 7.b  EDCI 552 Instructional Strategies in Mathematics and Science.  Delete course.

Item 7.c  EDCI 553 Instructional Strategies in Movement, the Performing and Visual Arts.  Delete course.

Item 7.d  EDCI 511 Instructional Strategies in Language Arts and Children’s Literature.  New course.

Item 7.e  EDCI 512 Instructional Strategies in Social Studies.  New course.

Item 7.f  EDCI 513 Instructional Strategies in Mathematics.  New course.

Item 7.g  EDCI 514 Instructional Strategies in Science.  New course.

Item 7.h  EDCI 515 Instructional Strategies in the Visual Arts.  New course.

Item 7.i  EDCI 516 Instructional Strategies in the Performing Arts.  New course.

Item 7.j  EDCI 519 Graduate Practicum.  New course.


Approved by the Grad Committee 11/20/09

Item 14  MEd Interdisciplinary Studies Option:  Teacher Licensure Program of Study.  Delete program/plan of study.

Item 14.a  MEd Curriculum and Instruction (K-8) Option.  Modification of an existing program, including degree name change to MEd Curriculum and Instruction Licensure Option.


Approved by the Grad Committee 12/17/09

Item 28  HHP 518 Health Enhancement Methods and Materials K-8.  Change credits from 4 to 2 and change course description.




A.  Service Learning


B.  Upcoming Meeting Schedule:

            February 4 – No Senate meeting

            February 5 – Budget Ideas meeting

            Next Senate meeting – February 11 or 18?

February 19 – Senate Budget Committee meeting