TO:                 Academic Senate Members


FROM:           Dr. Lorrie Steerey, Chair

                        Academic Senate





The next meeting of the Academic Senate will be held on Thursday January 24, 2008, at 3:40 p.m. in the Chancellor’s Conference Room (McM 209).


I.          ACCEPTANCE OF MINUTES:  December 6


II.         Donations due for Dr. Madden scholarship fund




Approved by the Academic Standards & Scholastic Standing Committee October, 2007

Tabled at 12/7/07 Senate

Item 20  Modification of the 51% rule specified in the MSUB COT Catalog.


Approved by the Graduate Committee 12/5/07

Item 17  PSYC 527 Psychological Assessment of Clinical Disorders.  New course.

Item 17.a  PSYC 537 Psychotherapy Outcomes.  New course.

Item 17.b  PSYC 541 Graduate Statistics for Behavioral Sciences.  New course.

Item 17.c  PSYC 550 Childhood Psychopathology.  New course.

Item 17.d  PSYC 555 Psychology of Religion.  New course.

Item 17.e  PSYC 525 Psychological Assessment.  Change title to Psychological Assessment of Cognitive Abilities and change course description.


Item 26  REHA/SCOU 507 Ethical and Professional Issues for Counselors and Family Therapists.  Change rubric to REHA only (split REHA and SCOU into two separate courses), change title to Ethics in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling, and change course description.




Approved by the UCC 1/16/08

Item 16.a  BS Major in Political Science.  New program.  REVISED.

Item 16.c  CRIM 292 Seminar.  New course.

Item 16.d  CRIM 492 Seminar.  New course.


Approved by the UCC 12/12/07

Item 23.a  POLS 557 Public Budgeting & Finance .  Change number to 457/557 and change course description.

Item 23.b  POLS 560 Ethics and Public Policy.  Change number to 460/560 and change course description.


Accepted for information by the UCC 12/12/07

Item 19  The Certificate of Applied Science in Practical Nursing, which was approved by the campus in Spring 2007 (see Item 64.a 06-07), has been changed to an Associate of Applied Science Degree by the Board of Regents and State Board of Nursing.  This change was approved at the November, 2007 BOR meeting.  Since this is beyond the control of MSU Billings, this is an information only item.


Item 22  Emeritus Nomination of Dr. Thomas Zwick, Professor, Department of Biological & Physical Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences.  For information.


Item 24  New Program proposed to the BOR by the Department of Native American Studies, Political Science, and Sociology in January, 2008:  Convert the current MPA offered jointly with MSU-Bozeman to a stand-alone program offered only by MSUB with a concentration in Native American Leadership/Administration.  For information.


Item 25  New Program proposed to the BOR by the Department of Rehabilitation and Human Services in January, 2008:  AA in Rehabilitation & Human Services.  This is a designated degree.  For information.




            A.  Prototype Outcomes Assessment for Academic Foundations

                        Guests:  Michael Barber & Brent Roberts


            B.  Cabinet and Provost Council Meeting Reports


            C.  Academic Senate Review of Annual Program Reviews


            D.  Academic Senate Budget Committee


            E.  ASFAC Meetings