TO:                 Academic Senate Members


FROM:           Dr. Audrey ConnerRosberg, Chair

                        Academic Senate





The next meeting of the Academic Senate will be held on Thursday December 7, 2006, at 3:40 p.m. in room B57 of the COT.


I.          ACCEPTANCE OF MINUTES:  November 30




Item 28  ENGL 390 Peer Tutoring.  Change prerequisites and course description.


Item 33  BS Major in Health Administration.  Modification of an existing program.

Item 33.a  HADM 210 Introduction to Health Care.  Change title to Healthcare Mega Trends and change course description.

Item 33.b  HADM 435 Health Law.  Change title to Health Law and Ethics, change number to 335 and change course description and prerequisites. (online only course)

Item 33.c  HADM 455 Rural/Frontier Health Care Delivery.  Change course number to 355 and change course description.

Item 33.d  HADM 460 Long Term Delivery.  Change title to Long-Term Care Management, change course number to 360, and change course description. (online only course)

Item 33.e  HADM 496 Cooperative Education/Internship.  Change credits, prerequisites, and course description.

Item 33.f  HADM 290 Internship.  Delete course.

Item 33.g  HADM 291 Independent Study.  Delete course.

Item 33.h  HADM 292 Seminar.  Delete course.

Item 33.i  HADM 296 Cooperative Education/Internship.  Delete course.

Item 33.j  HADM 310 Health Care Administration.  Delete course.

Item 33.k  HADM 307 Health Informatics.  New course. (online only course)

Item 33.L  HADM 405 Evidence in Research and Evaluation.  New course.  (online only course)

Item 33.m  HADM 409 Aging in America and Long-Term Care.  New course.  (online only course)

Item 33.n  HADM 422 Operations, Outcomes, and Quality.  New course.  (online only course)

Item 33.o  HADM 425 Financial Management and Budgeting in Healthcare.  New course.  (online only course)

Item 33.p  HADM 440 Managerial Epidemiology and the Public’s Health.  New course.  (online only course)

Item 33.Q  HADM 445 Managing Healthcare Organizations.  New course.  (online only course)

Item 33.r  HADM 452 Case Management.  New course.  (online only course)

Item 33.s  HADM 462 Supervision in Healthcare.  New course.  (online only course)

Item 33.t  HADM 497 Capstone.  New course.  (online only course)




Item 18  CRIM/SOCL 226 Introduction to Probation.  New course.

Item 18.a  CRIM/SOCL 227 Introduction to Policing.  New course.

Item 18.b  CRIM/SOCL 325 Sociology of Deviance.  New course.

Item 18.c  CRIM/SOCL 413 Administration of Law Enforcement.  New course.

Item 18.d  CRIM/SOCL 421 Criminal Justice Ethics. New course.

Item 18.i  BS Degree Major in Criminal Justice.  New program.

Item 18.L  CRIM/SOCL 228 Race, Class, Gender and Crime.  New course.




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