TO:                 Academic Senate Members


FROM:           Keith Edgerton, Chair

                        Academic Senate




The first meeting of the 2005-2006 year for the Academic Senate will be held on Thursday, September 15, 2005, at 3:40 p.m., in the Chancellor’s Conference Room (McM 209).


I.          APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  May 5 and Retreat August 25                              3:40


II.         WELCOME OF NEW SENATOR                                                            3:41-3:42


            Dr. Agnes Samples, College of Allied Health Professions


III.       ITEMS FOR INFORMATION                                                                   3:45-3:50


Item 1  Committee Report 2004-2005:  Graduate Committee


Item 2  Committee Report 2004-2005:  RACE Committee


IV.       ITEMS – FIRST READING                                                                       3:50-4:00


This item came in at the very end of spring semester.

Item 12  EDCI/SPED 600 Facilitating Positive Behaviors in the Classroom Environment.  Chance rubric to SPED.


V.        DISCUSSION/ACTION ITEMS                                                                        4:00


            A.  University Lecturer Senate Position – possible?                                     4:00-4:10

            B.  General Education FTE at the COT – Where does it go?                      4:10-4:40

Guests:  Provost White, Dean Khaleel, Dean Cech, Professor Pedula

            C.  MSU-Billings’ Marketing Plan                                                                4:40-4:50

            D.  Provost White:  BOR Policy Changes Implementation                          4:50-5:00


VI.       Homework


            A.  Issues with the BSLS—The “Loophole” Degree—First Item on next agenda