TO:                 Academic Senate Members


FROM:           Keith Edgerton, Chair

                        Academic Senate




The next meeting of the Academic Senate will be held on Thursday November 10, 2005, at 3:40 p.m., in the Missouri room of the SUB.


I.          APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  November 3




            Approved by the Graduate Committee 11/3/05

Item 34  REHA 505 Theories of Counseling.  New course (adding to SCOU 505 to cross-list).

Item 34.a  REHA 507 Ethical and Professional Issues for Counselors.  New course (adding to SCOU 507 to cross-list).

Item 34.b  REHA 557 Group Process: Theory and Practice.  New course (adding to SCOU 557 to cross-list).


Item 37  MS in Sport Management.  Change title of degree to Sport, Recreation and Fitness Management.




            Approved by the UCC 10/26/05


Item 70  CHEM 104 Fundamentals of General and Organic Chemistry.  Change title.

Item 70.a  CHEM 105 Fundamentals of General and Organic Chemistry Lab.  Change title.

Item 70.b  SCIN 102 Integrated Sciences II.  Change prerequisite and title.

Item 70.c  SCIN 103 Integrated Sciences III.  Change prerequisite and title.



Item 20  AAS in Computer Systems Technology.  Modification of an existing program.

Item 20.a  CST 168 Installing, Configuring, and Administering Linux.  New course.


Item 23  AA Plan of Study in Business Data Processing.  Delete program.

Item 23.a  AA Plan of Study in Word Processing.  Delete program.


Item 27  AAS in Computer Application Development.  Modification of an existing program, including changing name of degree.

Item 27.a  CST 115 Introduction to Game Programming.   Change credits and prerequisites.

Item 27.b  CST 112 Applied Microsoft SQL Server.  Delete course.

Item 27.c  CST 120 Applied Introduction to Java.  Change course number to 220.

Item 27.d  CST 121 Applied Intermediate Java.  Change prerequisites and course number to 221.

Item 27.e  CST 231 Software Design and Documentation.  Change title.

Item 27.f  CST 232 Applied Advanced Database Concepts.  Delete course.

Item 27.g  CST 210 Applied Advanced Visual Basic .NET Programming.  Change prerequisites and course number to 265.

Item 27.h  CST 246 Introduction to Programming Lab Companion Course.  New course.

Item 27.i  CST 233 Deploying Databases with Microsoft SQL Server.  New course.


Item 28  AAS in Medical Assisting.  Modification of an existing program.

Item 28.a  AAS in Paramedic.  Modification of an existing program.

Item 28.b  AAS in Practical Nursing.  Modification of an existing program.

Item 28.c  AAS in Radiologic Technology.  Modification of an existing program.

Item 28.d  BIOL 113 Anatomy and Physiology I.  Delete course.

Item 28.e  BIOL 114 Anatomy and Physiology I Lab.  Delete course.

Item 28.f  BIOL 116 Anatomy and Physiology II.  Delete course.

Item 28.g  BIOL 117 Anatomy and Physiology II Lab.  Delete course.

Item 28.h  BIOL 213 Anatomy and Physiology I.  New course.

Item 28.i  BIOL 214 Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory.  New course.

Item 28.j  BIOL 216 Anatomy and Physiology II.  New course

Item 28.k  BIOL 217 Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory.  New course





            A.  CAHP and COT – Why the division of health programs?


            B.  Board of Regents Minimum Grade Mandate


            C.  MSU-Billings’ Marketing Plan