DATE:†††††††† April 17, 2002


TO:†††††††††††† Academic Senate Members


FROM:††††††† Sandie Rietz, Chair

††††††††††††††††† Academic Senate





The next Academic Senate meeting will be held on Thursday, April 18, 2002 at 3:30 p.m., in the Chancellorís Conference Room (McM 209).






Item 9 CHS to HS.Change rubric on all undergraduate courses.

Item 18 BIOL 302 Plant and Animal Physiology Lab.Change title.

Item 22 AAS in Drafting Technology.Program modifications (change title).

Item 22.a Paramedic Certificate.Delete program.

Item 22.b AAS in Microcomputer Operations.Program modifications (change title).

Item 22.c AAS in Medical Secretary.Program modifications (change title).

Item 22.d CTTI 160 Hazardous Materials Technician General Training.Change lecture hours.

Item 23 AAS in Computer Systems Technology.Program modifications (add a Networking Technology Certificate as exit point in degree).

Item 23.a CTCS 200 Cisco CCNA Exam Prep.New course.

Item 23.b CTCS 174 Advanced Routing and Ethernet Switching.Change credit hours.

Item 23.c CTCS 176 Wide Area Networking.Change credit hours.

Item 23.d CTCS 262 Implementing and Administrating a Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure.Change credit hours.

Item 23.e CTCS 264 Designing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure.Change credit hours.

Item 23.f CTCS 270 Advanced Routing Configuration.Change credit hours.

Item 23.g CTCS 272 Remote Access Networks.Change credit hours.

Item 23.h CTCS 274 Multi-Layer Switching.Change credit hours and prerequisite.

Item 23.i CTCS 276 Network Troubleshooting.Change credit hours and prerequisite.

Item 24 CTBU 131 Records Management.Change title, prerequisite, and catalog description.

Item 24.a CTBU 153 Medical Transcription.Change lecture and credit hours.

Item 24.b CTBU 251 Medical Office Procedures.Change prerequisites.

Item 24.c CTBU 252 Medical Coding.Change prerequisite.

Item 25 CTFS 180 Incident Command.New course.

Item 25.a CTFS 115 Fire Fighter Essentials.Change lecture hours.

Item 26 AS in Emergency Management.Modification of Plan of Study.

Item 26.a EMGT 105 Fundamentals of Emergency Management.New course.

Item 26.b EMSE 112 Introduction to Montana Hazards.New course.

Item 26.c EMGT 125 Hazard Mitigation and Planning.New course.

Item 26.d EMGT 137 Hazard Risk Analysis and Management.New course.

Item 26.e EMGT 271 Management Skills for Emergency Managers.New course.

Item 26.f EMGT 274 Technical Applications in Emergency Management.New Course.

Item 26.g EMSE 258 Disaster Operations.New course.

Item 26.h EMSE 288 Field Project.New course.

Item 27 AASHVACR Technician.Program modifications.

Item 27.a CTHV 214 Heating and Boiler Lab II.New course.

Item 27.b CTHV 238 Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Sheet Metal Lab II.New course.

Item 27.c CTHV 242 Hot Water and Steam Heating Systems.New course.

Item 27.d CTHV 250 Electricity for Heating and Air Conditioning.Change prerequisites.

Item 27.e CTHV 222 Sheet Metal Lab.Delete Course.

Item 27.f CTHV 120 Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Lab I.Change title and course description.

Item 27.g CTHV 162 Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Lab II.Change title, prerequisites, and catalog description.

Item 27.h CTHV 172 HVACR Electrical Controls.Change title, prerequisites, and catalog description.

Item 27.i CTHV 213 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab II.Delete course.

Item 27.j CTHV 237 Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration Lab IV.Delete course.

Item 27.k CTHV 241 Hot Water and Steam Heating Systems.Delete course.

Item 28 AAS in Medical Assisting.New program.

Item 28.a CTHO 124 Medical Assisting Clinical Procedures I.New course.

Item 28.b CTHO 125 Medical Assisting Clinical Procedures I Lab.New course.

Item 28.c CTHO 224 Medical Assisting Clinical Procedures II.New course.

Item 28.d CTHO 225 Medical Assisting Clinical Procedures II Lab.New course.

Item 28.e CTBU 255 Medical Law and Ethics.New course.





A.Further Crippen Cabin Discussion

Guest:Michael Dennis, Department of Biological & Physical Sciences




A.Recommendations from the General Education Committee.

B.Senators to Attend May 23-24, 2002 Board of Regents meeting in Dillon.