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The Biology Department consists of fifteen full time faculty, two adjunct faculty, and an ever changing array of talented part-time faculty culled from the Billings community to offer their skills in a specialized biological area. The biology major also has several options and plans of study to allow students to specialize in an area of interest. The biology curriculum is designed to provide biology students with the opportunity for the best possible undergraduate education in biology. In addition to the transmission of factual information, the biology curriculum places emphasis on the development of critical thinking skills in contemporary areas of biology. This is accomplished through a combination of lecturing, experimental laboratory exercises, independent learning by data analysis, research and field projects, seminars, incorporation of extensive writing, library research, and use of computers in data analysis.

MUS Billings' program in biology begins with a two-year core curriculum emphasizing the broad scope of biology through coursework in biological principles, biological diversity, cell biology and genetics. Other required advanced courses and electives are taken in the junior and senior year. While building a solid foundation in biology, the program allows students to match their interests with professional requirements.

Students in biology at MSU Billings have an opportunity to focus on specific areas in biology through a variety of options and plans of study. Options available to students include Environmental Sciences, Biology Teaching Licensure, and Chemistry Teaching Licensure. The Environmental Sciences Option offers in-depth specialization to include an area of biology having regional and global importance. Specialization in biology is possible with the choice of an appropriate plan of study and in consultation with the faculty advisors who can provide students with the best educational experience at MSU Billings.

All students in the Biology program also take a Capstone seminar course in their senior year. This course is designed to ensure a standard of excellence in knowledge of basic biological concepts, and integration of those concepts with other areas in Science.