science fair judge with a studentCongratulations to Dylan Wichman who was selected as the finalists for the 2019 Intel ISEF competition in Phoenix Arizona May 12-17th and to Caleb Mark who was selected as the alternate. Dylan also won the Montana State competition and will be attending ISEF as the Montana State Fair representative.   Caleb Mark will be attending as the MSU Billings – Billings Clinic Science Expo representative.

Dylan and Caleb were each awarded a $1,000 scholarship to MSU Billings in Grades 9-12.   

Dylan Wichman –Project Title “A Predictive Neural Network Based Fire Sized Classifier”       

Caleb Mark - Project Title “Determining existence of Beta carotene in pericarp of kernel in a heritage breed of Zea Mays”

The following students were nominated to Broadcom Masters for finishing in the top 10% of middle school students participating in the Science Expo; 

Avery Gates and Nila Dawson,  Grade 8 -Absarokee 7-8, “How Clean are your Hands”

Sophia Moore, Grade 8 -Luther Schools, “Using Motion Detectors to Create an Interactive Sculpture”

Emma Harris, Grade 8 -Luther Schools, “ Ovis Aries Kinesis”

Toby Mark, Grade 7- Greenwood Home School, “Cellphone Chemistry: Designing and Building a Simple Cellphone Spectrophotometer”

Stran Lytton, Grade 7-Belfry Public Schools, “ Water Surface Tension”

Hank Jagodzinski, Grade 7-St. Francis Upper School, “Does Aquarium Water Help Plants Grow?”

Shayla Russell, Grade 7-Absarokee 7-8, “ Keeping it Clean”

Finally, Corrie Bowman, Central Heights 5th Grade Teacher, was awarded the $500 MSU Billings Teacher’s Scholarship.

Billings Clinic, Montana State University Billings, and many professional and industrial organizations provide awards in the form of cash prizes, certificates of merit, medallions, plaques, ribbons, scholarships and gift items presented to the winners at the Awards Ceremony on Saturday, March 23rd.

List of 2019 Science Expo Winners