2015-16 Montana State University Scholarships


Montana State University Billings Foundation is pleased to provide information regarding Montana State University Billings Scholarships


To be considered for all MSU Billings Scholarships, complete the MSU Billings Scholarship application located online before February 1.  Incoming freshman student scholarships will be awarded on an on-going basis beginning in December.  Priority will be given to those who apply by February 1.  For all other students, priority will be given to complete scholarship applications received by February 1.


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Chancellor's Excellence Awards

The Chancellor's Excellence Awards will be awarded each year to freshmen entering Montana State University Billings in September. Recipients receive $3,000 per academic year. Scholars who meet or exceed all renewal criteria may expect to have their awards renewed for four years for a maximum award of $12,000. In addition, recipients who plan to live in the residence halls their freshman year will receive a housing/dining waiver valued at approximately one-third of the total cost of their room and board.  To apply for the Chancellor's Excellence Awards, submit the scholarship application by January 15. The eligibility requirements and scholarship application are available online.

Scholarships Available

Annually, MSU Billings awards over $1.4 million in scholarships!  Check out all of the scholarships available, be aware of deadline dates, and apply!  In addition to applying for scholarships, we strongly encourage you to apply for Financial Aid by completing the FAFSA form, prior to March 1.


The scholarships listed in this publication have been awarded in previous years or are new scholarships.  A few awards may vary for the 2015-2016 academic year in the selection criteria, amount, and/or availability.  The listing is categorized as follows:  General Scholarships, scholarships for College of Allied Health Professions majors, scholarships for College of Arts & Sciences majors, scholarships for College of Business majors, scholarships for College of Education majors, scholarships for City College majors, scholarships for Graduate Students, and scholarships for Student Athletes.


NOTE: you do not need to apply for these scholarships individually unless otherwise indicated in the criteria.

The Scholarship Application priority deadline is February 1. Apply early!


For more information about the Montana State University Billings scholarship application process, call the Montana State University Billings Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at 406-657-2188; or Susan Rhodes, Montana State University Billings Foundation scholarship administrator, at 406-657-2244; toll free at 888-430-6782, or e-mail her at srhodes@msubillings.edu.


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