Housing & Residential Life

2018-2019 Student Handbook

Residence Hall Services & Activities

A. Bikes

Bicycles may be stored in the designated bike storage room areas on specific floors (Petro 5 and 7).  These rooms are not secured so students should use a bike lock to secure their bike.  The bike storage areas are only secured by the lock and chain provided by the bike owner and are not monitored or locked by the Housing staff.  MSU Billings is not responsible for items stored in storage rooms or bike rooms.  Bikes left in the storage room at the end of spring semester will be inventoried and kept for 15 days and then disposed of as abandoned property (see abandoned property policy), unless arrangements were made with the Hall Director in writing.


B.  Computer Labs

Each residence hall has a Computer Lab and a printer located at the front desk. The Petro computer room hours are limited to the hours that the front desk and night watch staff are on duty.  The computer lab in Rimrock is available 24/7 unless reserved for a class or special event. At this point, there is no charge for printed pages, though anyone found abusing this privilege (75+ pages per day) may be charged $0.10 per page.  ONLY residents are allowed access to printing in the labs.


C.  Fitness Center

A fitness center is available on the main floor of Petro Hall when the desk is staffed and is open to all Petro & Rimrock residents.  Participants must complete a safety waiver and check in and out with the desk worker to utilize the array of  equipment.  Participants must wipe down equipment after use in an effort to prevent disease transmission.


D.  Food Delivery

Students who order food from local delivery companies need to be available in the main lobby when the food arrives to pick up your order.  If you give your cell phone to the company as a contact, we are not responsible to contact you by cell phone from the front desk.  Please clarify with the company when you order the food that you will meet them in the main lobby to pick up your delivery or that they will use their phone to contact you when they arrive in the main lobby.


E.  Front Desk

The front desk is staffed in the lobby of each residence hall on a regular basis.  Services at the front desk include; check-out of brooms, mops, and vacuums; information on hall programs; and phone numbers of the campus offices. Change machines are located in the main lobby of each hall. An ID is needed for items to be checked out.


F. Ice Machines

Each residence hall lobby is equipped with a complimentary ice machine.  Students may dispense ice at their leisure, but are encouraged to not leave a mess.


G.  Ironing Boards

Ironing boards and irons are available at the front desk in Petro.  Rimrock Hall has built in ironing boards in the laundry rooms.  Your ID is required to check them out.


H.  Kitchens

There is a kitchenette on each floor of the residence halls accessible to all residents. Each kitchen is equipped with a stove, microwave and sink. Cleaning of the kitchen areas and dishes are the responsibility of those utilizing the facilities.


I. Mail/Packages

Residents will receive mail through the residence hall mail boxes located in the main lobby of each residence hall, Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays.  Packages may be picked up at the mailroom in McMullen Hall during the business hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Mailing addresses are as follows: hall and room, 1500 University Dr, Billings, MT 59101. Notify your friends and family as well as magazines and banks so they have the appropriate address.

When checking out of the residence halls, residents must let the Housing Office know of the mailing address change, and first class mail will be forwarded for ninety (90) days after the effective date on the address change card.  Residents are encouraged to change addresses with newspaper and magazine subscriptions prior to moving out of the halls, as they are not forwarded.  Update your address with MSUB at: HERE


J.  Medical Problems & Emergencies

The Student Health Service is located in the Petro Hall Complex and provides basic health care to students from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.  Residents with specific medical concerns should contact their RA for additional information.  Counseling services are also available through the Student Health Services at no additional charge.  For emergency illness or injury call 911 and contact a hall staff member or the front desk.  First aid kits are located at the front desk in each hall and an AED is available in the lobby by Health Services and in Rimrock Hall lobby.


We support the proper disposal of prescription medications to reduce the improper use of them Student Health Services offers packets that enable more environmentally friendly methods of disposal that neutralizes pills, liquids, and patches.  Stop by the Student Health Office in Petro Hall on the second floor for more information.


Unsure about reporting a crime of sexual violence or have questions about your options? Call the Phoenix Center 24-hour crisis helpline at 406-794-3829.


K. Security/University Police

The MSU Billings University Police Department is staffed with P.O.S.T.  (Police Office Standards Training) certified Police Officers 24-hours a day to serve your law enforcement needs. Programs relating to issues of personal safety and crime prevention are available upon request, and information regarding those issues is available on a continuous basis. Students are encouraged to report any suspicious or criminal behavior to the University Police Department. Specific and individual concerns will be addressed to fit student needs in order to enhance the campus experience. The University Police Department may be contacted at any time by calling extension 2147 for non-emergencies and 657-2222 for emergencies.  Current campus crime data in accordance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act is posted on the MSU Billings website (www.msubillings.edu) or available at the University Police office. Sign up for the emergency notification system: http://www.msubillings.edu/msubalert today!


L.  Sick Tray System

Students who are ill and practicing self-isolation may utilize the Sick Tray System through Dining Services.  Students can call 406-657-2381 to place a sick tray order which they can have a friend pick up for them or can be delivered to them by the housing staff.  Students should also notify the Housing Office if their illness prevents them from leaving their rooms (406-657-2333).


M.  Storage

No storage space is available for residents to store luggage or extra boxes.  However, a bike storage room is available on specific floors in Petro and in front of Rimrock Hall.  Residents storing a bike in this area must provide their own chain and lock.  The bike storage areas are only secured by the lock and chain provided by the bike owner and are not monitored or locked by the Housing staff.  MSU Billings is not responsible for items stored in storage rooms or bike rooms.  Unless arrangements were made with the Hall Director in writing, abandoned property will be disposed of after 15 days, see Residence Hall Policies and Procedures, Section 2, A.


N.  Study Lounges

The Housing & Residential Life Office is committed to helping residents attain academic success. Study lounges are provided in Petro Hall on residential floors and in Rimrock Hall in the back lobby to provide space for residents to concentrate on academic pursuits.


O. Vending

Each residence hall has an area set aside for pop and candy vending machines.  General U-card monies can be used in the vending machines in each of the lobbies in Petro and Rimrock Hall. Problems should be reported to the Business Operations Office, McMullen Hall 1st floor West (657-2023). Refunds for the machines need to be called to the company, not housing.


P.  Printing

Following are the areas identified as pay for print stations for specific printing needs as color paper/color printing/collating: COE 401, Information Commons, 2nd floor of Library, McDonald 213/251/308, Academic Support Center, and City College HS and Tech Building.


Q.  Cable

Cable television is provided in each of the residential floor lobbies.  Issues with the cable should be reported to the Housing & Residential Life Office or your Hall Director.


R.  Daily Cleaning

Custodial staff clear out the trash chutes and clean the bathrooms and other floor areas daily, including weekends.  Please do not use a shower or restroom while a custodian is in the process of cleaning it.  Bathrooms/showers can be closed if excess damage or misuse occurs for 24-48 hours


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