Housing & Residential Life

2018-2019 Student Handbook

General Residence Hall Policies

A. Abandoned Property

If personal property is abandoned in a room by a resident, the items will be left in the room for 5 (five) days. Once 5 days have passed or Housing & Residential Life reasonably believes that the resident has abandoned all personal property, Housing employees will remove the items from the room and properly store and take inventory of all property.  Once this is complete, a certified letter or email will be sent to the previous resident stating that their property has been inventoried and stored.  After fifteen days from the date of the letter being sent, if the belongings are not retrieved by their owner, the property will be disposed of.  A twenty dollar ($20) per day storage fee may be assessed upon completion of time inventory for up to 15 days.  Additionally, a $50 charge will be assessed for the inventory of all property in the room. 


B.  Appliances:

Housing & Residential Life is pleased to offer you the chance to purchase or rent a MicroChill unit for your room. This single source powered unit allows you to have the convenience of a mini-fridge, freezer and microwave in your room at any time. Renting or purchasing this unit is the only way to have a microwave in your room. Standalone microwaves are not permitted as our power grid is not able to sustain the use, but with the MicroChill single source powered unit you can have all three at your fingertips for an affordable cost during the school year. To rent or purchase your MicroChill unit please visit http://www.collegeproducts.com/msub. Rented units must be cleaned before checkout.


Residents may bring refrigerators into their rooms at no additional charge. Size is limited to residence hall models (4 cubic feet or smaller). Refrigerators are to be empty and unplugged during the break periods if the resident is not staying in his/her room.

Avoid overloading outlets with too many cords and do not use extension cords with frayed wiring or poor connections. Check the wiring and casing on appliances. Residents may have radios, stereos, and televisions (wall mounting is NOT permitted) in their rooms if they keep the volume at a level that does not disturb others.


If a resident’s stereo causes a noise disturbance for other residents, the Hall Director and Resident Assistants may require that the stereo be removed from the room. Use of electrical appliances for the preparation or storage of food except coffee pots, toaster ovens or refrigerators (4 cubic feet or smaller) are not allowed. Standalone microwaves are specifically prohibited. The wiring system is NOT intended for items that place a heavy load on the system, such as microwave ovens.


C. Building Entrances:

All residents must follow the building entrance policies as posted at the entrance of each building. The buildings are secured 24 hours a day and residents must follow the technology systems available to identify their status as a resident.  All guests must be checked in, over the age of 18, and MUST present a valid MUS system ID or government issued ID before entering the building. Petro Hall guests must check in at the window or desk and Rimrock Hall guests must check in at the front desk.  


D.  Ceiling Tile Removal:

Removal of ceiling tiles for any reason (ie: storing items in ceiling) is NOT allowed.


E.  Combustible Materials:

Combustible materials such as propane, gasoline, kerosene, and items containing combustible materials (i.e. lanterns, live trees, chemicals, lava lamps) are NOT permitted in residence halls.


F. Cooking:

Kitchens are provided on every floor.  No appliances with exposed elements (ex: hot plate, toaster, etc) may be used in the residence halls. Misuse of kitchens may result in the facilities being closed. Residents are responsible for keeping kitchens clean and removing their dishes.  All items left in the kitchen area are subject to removal.  If students living on the floor wish to leave cooking items in the cupboards and drawers, please notify the Resident Assistant and custodian on the floor.  Housing staff is NOT responsible for these items. Students MUST clean up their mess & dishes.  Do NOT put food in sink or down drains.


G.  Desk Storage:

Desks may be put in storage for residents.  A storage fee of $25 annually will be assessed.  Please speak with your RA if you think this is something you would like and wish to have your desk removed.


H.  Laundry:

H. Laundry: 

Laundry facilities are provided on each floor for resident use only for a dollar to wash and a dollar to dry (money needs to be put on your general u-card or use quarters).  Residents must clean out washers and dryer lint traps after each use.  Non-resident’s laundry is prohibited and will be removed. Residents are responsible for watching their own clothes, and the Housing department assumes no responsibility for theft.  Misuse or consistent damage to the laundry equipment may result in the loss/closing of services.  Refund link for machine not working: https://msubillings.edu/reslife/laundry.htm


I. Lost Keys:

A fee of $45.00 will be assessed for any lost key. A $15.00 fee will be assessed for lost outdoor keys if you were issued one.  Security of the resident rooms is of primary importance; therefore, locks are changed and new keys are made whenever a key is lost.  Keys may not be duplicated.


J.  Lounges and Balconies:

These areas are provided for the residents as an informal

gathering place. Quiet/courtesy hours apply to these areas at all times.  Balcony doors will be locked at 10:00 pm and opened in the morning by custodial staff.  Rooftop access is prohibited.  All furniture must remain in the lounges. Throwing objects off the balcony is prohibited and will result in misconduct action.  MSU Billings is not responsible for any personal items left in lounges, lobby areas, laundry rooms, or kitchens – and items left are subject to removal.  Smoking is prohibited on the balconies.   Balconies can be subject to closure for misuse and abuse.          


Common areas in residence halls (lounges and lobbies) are for the use of the building’s residents and their registered guests.  Only groups or individuals invited by residents or staff may make informative or educational presentations in the hall lobbies.  The residence hall staff will monitor and schedule all

presentations or events.


No group or individuals may schedule residence hall common space for regular meetings or activities (ie. Campus club meetings, bible studies, political groups, etc.) except for activities directly sponsored by the hall staff and made available to all students.  Any student group wishing to use the hall space needs to be approved by the Housing Staff. Presentations or activities may not include the sale of product or services, nor may residence hall facilities or rooms be used for personal profit or gain.


K.  Maintenance Requests:

All maintenance requests must be submitted through the online system.  You can find the maintenance request link at the front desk in each Residence Hall.  The link to submit a maintenance request is https://msubillings.edu/reslife then Maintenance Request on the right side.   Please be as specific as possible when completing the request.  These request are checked daily.  Maintenance requests are NOT to be called directly to Facility Services or to the student maintenance worker.  Questions or concerns regarding maintenance requests may be directed to a Hall Director.  If you have an emergency situation (sink flooding, lock broken) that needs immediate attention, please phone it in to the Hall Director, Housing Office or contact your front desk or RA.   If you have submitted a request and you want to follow up on the status, please contact your Hall Director or the Office of Housing & Residential Life.  By submitting a maintenance request you are grant­ing permission to enter your room, unless otherwise specified.


The response time will depend on the nature and severity of the maintenance problem, but we will respond to all problems in a timely manner.  


Each room is equipped with its own steam radiator that is controlled by adjusting the thermostat mounted on the wall of the room. During freezing weather, NEVER COMPLETELY TURN RADIATORS OFF! Doing so may cause the radiator to freeze and result in extensive water damage. The cost of repair is the RESIDENT’S responsibility.


L. Moving Furniture:

All furniture in residents’ rooms must remain in the rooms unless arrangements are made with a Resident Assistant to make changes.  A charge of $25.00 will be assessed for bed and mattress storage. Furniture in floor lounges must remain in the proper area.  Residents found with lounge furniture in their rooms will be charged a fine for removal of the furniture ($25.00 per item) and be asked to remove the furniture immediately.  Fire codes state that no more than two beds and no more than two desks are allowed in the rooms.

M. Personal Property & Insurance Encouragement:

MSU Billings is not responsible for the personal belongings and property of students living in the residence halls, regardless of how the damage is caused (ex: sinks overflowing, natural disaster, theft, etc). Students are encouraged to carry appropriate personal property insurance. Your parent’s homeowners insurance may cover you, please consult with agent. Students are also expected to lock their doors and carry their keys with them at all times.


N. Phones:

Room phone access is available upon request. The phone service works with voice over the internet and not traditional phone lines, so you will need to use the phone that is checked out to you when you sign up for the phone service. You will be unable to use your own landline phone.  You will be given a phone information sheet and the $100 annual fee will be assessed to your student account. If you damage this phone, charges will be assessed. There is no voicemail on the University’s phones.


O. Posters & Room Decorations:

Residents may decorate their residence hall rooms with posters and other similar decorations as long as they do not cause damage to the room (nails, hooks, screws, etc. are not permitted). You must have your room number visible on your room door at all times. Residents are financially responsible for all damage or loss in designated rooms.  Placing signs in windows and on the exterior of room doors in university residence halls is considered a resident’s privilege.  Any resident who chooses to express their creativity, via their window or door assumes the responsibility for balancing their personal tastes with the image of the total community. Controversial, antagonistic, or pornographic materials may draw personal confrontations from others within the community who may be offended by the content.  Posters of an offensive nature cannot be placed in public view; i.e. windows, showers, outside doors, etc.


Do not cover the room number posted on the room door.


*Helpful Hint—When placing posters on walls, use poster putty/command strips.  Masking tape pulls paint off walls and the surface off the ceiling tiles (use pins in tiles).  Please do not use nails in the walls.

P. ResNet Wireless Internet Access:

Each room has wireless internet access. Residents must log any problems with their connection at the front desk of their respective hall for staff to check the issues. Each resident has signed a ResNet contract in the application process, outlining the policies of MSU Billings internet usage. As stated in the ResNet Contract, the MSU Billings Information Technology Department has the right to disconnect your access for improper usage. There are limited services the IT department have to help with your computer.  You may be responsible for taking your computer off campus to have it looked at. Routers are NOT allowed in the halls.  


Q. Room Lock-outs:

If a resident is locked out of their room, a key may be checked out at the hall desk by showing a valid MSU Billings ID or driver’s license.  The key must be returned within one week or the resident will be billed and a lock change will be processed.  Contact the RA or Hall Director to retrieve an ID from a residence hall room in order to check-out a key.

R.  Showers and Bathtubs:

Residents and registered guests using the showers or bathtubs are not allowed to shower in a shower stall or use a bathtub area with another individual. All shower stalls and bathtub rooms are to be utilized by one individual at a time.


S. Traffic and Parking Regulations:

Parking permits can be purchased within your secure area online or at the University Police Department located in the parking garage on Poly Drive.  Permits can be purchased by the semester or for the entire year. See Parking in Section IV, C and Section IX, Number 2, K of the Student Affairs Policies and Procedures for more information.


T. Trash:

Chutes are located on each floor.  Residents are asked to keep the surrounding area clean and all boxes must be torn apart before being disposed of.  Any resident found disposing of garbage in the hallway will be assessed a charge to clean up the garbage.  Residents should not dispose of personal trash from their room into trashcans outside the bathroom or elevators; this could result in a minimum charge of $25.  Please do not put cinder blocks/loose bottles/loose trash/cat litter/or other heavy objects down the trash chutes.  All trash must be in a garbage bag that is tied closed before putting down the chute.


U. Waterbeds:

Waterbeds are not allowed in the Residence Halls.


V.  Window Screens:

All screens must be kept on the windows.  A $15.00 fine will be assessed to anyone removing screens.  For the safety of everyone, residents are not allowed to drop or throw objects from or at residence halls windows, balconies, or ledges. 


W.  Elevators:

Tampering with elevators (removing button plates, pulling doors open and shut, inappropriately ringing the alarm) is prohibited and will result in disciplinary action.


X.  Entrance Doors:

Do Not grant residential access for individuals unknown by the community; refer them to the front desk or housing & Residential Life office for assistance.  Do not prop open doors that require student ID or hand code access to enter.  Report any malfunctioning doors to residence life staff.


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