Family Housing Frequently Asked Questions

Are pets allowed in the Family Housing?
Pets are not allowed in family housing.

What if I can not pay my rent on time?
Family Housing residents who can not pay rent on time will have a $30 late fee assessed.  If this occurs on a regular basis you are subject to eviction.

Are laundry services available?
Washers and dryers are provided in the family housing units.

May I sublease or transfer my family housing apartment?
A family housing tenant may not sublease or transfer their apartment.

What options exist for child care?
There is the William R. Lowe Daycare & Enrichment Center on campus.  To get  information and applications please call (406) 896-5820.

How do I terminate my rental/housing agreement when I want to move out?
A family housing tenant must submit in writing a 30 day notice when vacating their apartment.

Can a nursing student live in Family Housing?
Yes, MSU Bozeman nursing students may live in Family Housing.

Do I have to be registered as a current student to apply for family housing?
To live in family housing a student must be registered as a full time student before moving in.  A student can apply before they are a student to get on the waiting list.

Do I have a designated parking spot for Family Housing?
All residents parking in the parking lot must display a current MSU Billings parking permit designated reserved for the Family Housing Parking lot.  The cost of the permit is $90 for the year.  Guests of Family Housing residents must obtain a guest permit from the Campus Police Department.

How is the Security at Family Housing?
The goal of the Family Housing community is to strive to create a friendly community, but personal security should be a concern of all residents.  Immediately report any suspicious activity to the Campus Police at 657-2147.   Campus Police does monitor the area frequently.

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