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Living on campus will bring you into contact with people from other cities, other states, and other parts of the world. It will bring you into contact with people of other religions, other value systems, and other belief systems. You will interact with people of other races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations.

Because a large number of students live together in close proximity, a certain set of standards must be understood. The following lists outline student rights, responsibilities, and the policies in place in order to protect the health, welfare, and comfort of everyone in the residence hall community.

Residence Hall Bill of Rights

  1. Every resident has the right to a safe, well-maintained living environment.
  2. Every resident has the right to live in a community free of intolerance, bigotry, and abuse.
  3. Every resident has the right to free access to his or her room, apartment, and the community spaces in each hall.
  4. Every resident has the right to study in the hall free of unruly and disruptive behavior.
  5. Every resident has the right to engage in critical evaluation and debate of differing views, opinions, values, and beliefs in a manner that affirms the diversity of the world around us.
  6. Every resident has the right to confront in an appropriate way the inappropriate or unacceptable behavior or conduct of another resident.

"" Student Code of Conduct
"" Housing Policies & Procedures Handbook

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Residence Hall Statement of Expectations

  1. Every resident is expected to take ownership of the community in which they have chosen to live.
  2. Every resident is expected to respect the individual rights and freedoms of other members of the community, even when they may not agree.
  3. Every resident is expected to treat each other with respect.
  4. Every resident is expected to engage critically in conversations and activities that contribute to the intellectual and cultural value of MSUB.
  5. Every resident is expected to grow and develop as a unique individual with intrinsic value and worth as a member of the community.
  6. Every resident is expected to engage in meaningful activities that promote healthy living.
  7. Every resident is encouraged to engage in service to the MSUB and Billings communities.

The MSUB Student Code of Conduct and Housing Handbook should also be understood by any student accepting admission to MSUB. Whether or not you live on campus, all students are held to the student conduct code.

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