Housing & Residential Life

Student Office Support Position


General Position Overview:
The Student Office Support position works closely with the Administrative Associate, Hall Directors, Assistant Housing Director and Director of Student Life & Auxiliaries to help successfully run the Housing and Residential Life Programs.


All duties and tasks will be assigned by the Administrative Associate, Assistant Director, Director, and Hall Directors.  While some tasks will be done on a routine, daily basis, other special projects will be assigned as needed.

Daily Responsibilities



  • When the mail arrives, please sort and deliver to each residence hall mailboxes.  Remember to turn the “Mail is in” sign.  After this is completed, all mail not delivered is returned or forwarded.
  • Each semester, the forwarding mailbox needs cleaned out (we forward mail for 90 days).
  • Mail tags regularly updated as students move or change rooms.
  • It is the responsibility of the office staff to stuff all mailbox flyers if we have them for the office. 

Posting Signs/Announcements

  • At least three times/week please check the posting basket and post any flyers that are there.  While posting, please remove all outdated flyers and straighten bulletin boards.  Most postings will be put on our TV’s in the lobby so if anyone asks they need to email housing@msubillings.edu with their slide and we will determine if it is something that should be posted or not.

Friday Lists

  • Each Friday (if changes have been made during the week), lists will be run for the desks, hall directors, and night-watch.  Please take these to the binders and remove all old one.  Old ones will need to be returned to the office to be shredded.

Filing Basket

  • There is a basket where all items that need filed will be placed.  These will include filing and posting in the expense ledgers, student filing, and other forms and reports we keep.

Office Coverage

  • On occasion, the Administrative Associate may have to step out of the office to take a lunch break, assist residents or attend a scheduled meeting.  It is your duty to provide coverage and be present in the office at those times to take phone calls or answer general questions.

Other Duties

  • When your assistance is needed to complete an office task or project, we will leave a note/list on the desk.  If it is a specific project for one person, we will leave the note in your in-box, so please check each area daily.
  • Listed below are a variety of projects/tasks that the office staff typically assists with:
  • Making signs or promotion for events, activities, or announcements
  • Making photocopies
  • Shredding
  • Preparing materials for RAs/Staff/Desks
  • Assisting with intent contracts, room sign up, etc.
  • Checking paperwork for the hall directors
  • Assisting the hall directors with projects in each hall
  • Assisting with mailings
  • Assisting with verifying lists, student contracts, and billing charges
  • Checking change regularly at the desks throughout the week

General Expectations

This position is very critical to the housing operation in that it allows us to provide the students who need our assistance with excellent service.  Having a student assistant in the office, as well as the Administrative Associate, allows us to have two people to greet customers, answer phones, and assist people.  In general, here is a list of duties you will do on a routine basis:

  • Greet all individuals who come into the office and assist in any way possible with good eye contact and in a professional manner.
  • Handle yourself in a mature and professional manner at all times.
  • Answer the phone in a professional manner and deliver messages.  Please write all messages thoroughly on a message notepad and deliver to the person's mailbox.
  • This is a professional office, remember to be careful about what is said in general conversation and regarding students, keep the office clean and orderly, music played needs to remain at a low level to only be heard in the immediate desk area, and dress needs to be appropriate.
  • Relate questions/concerns that are brought forth by students/parents/etc. to the Hall director or Assistant Housing Director as needed.  If at any time a student talks to you about an issue with a roommate, problem on their floor, etc, make sure you relate that to the hall director.
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times.  Many times the student assistant hears information about discipline, RAs, student accounts, etc.  This information needs to remain confidential at all times.