Housing & Residential Life

International Resident Coordinator


Title: International Resident Coordinator (IRC)
Department: Housing and Residential Life
Reports to: Assistant Director Housing & Student Life
Supervises: International Students within the Residence Halls


Purpose of Position

The IRC serves as a para- professional position within the Housing & Residence Life department and the Division of Student Affairs.  The IRC is the key connection between international students living in the halls, the Office of Housing and Residence Life, and the University.  The IRC serves as a liaison between international students in the halls and university departments and administrators; fosters an atmosphere conducive to academic, social, cultural, and emotional growth by serving as an advisor/counselor to international students living on campus; presents programs and services for international students; and assists the Housing department as needed in the overall operations of all residence hall programs and services.


Primary Duties

The duties of the IRC can be broken down into five key areas: administrative duties, general duties, community development, programming responsibilities, and manuals/training.


Administrative Duties

  • Maintain regular room hours in which to be clearly available to international students.
  • Maintain required records of international students living in the residence halls.
  • Have reference materials available (university catalog, handbooks, schedules, campus calendar, etc.)
  • Be aware of international residents’ needs (physical, emotional, and personal) and make them known to administration.
  • Know how to contact appropriate campus and community agencies in case of an emergency; understand and be able to implement the campus Emergency Response Plan.
  • Assist with public relations for the department and university as instructed by senior staff.
  • Prepare necessary records, reports, and documentation.
  • Assist with international student room check-ins and file room inventories and information card as required by the hall directors.
  • Participate in staff meetings and committees as required.
  • Assist with communication between staff, international residents, and the university.
  • Keep hall directors informed of major plans being developed by international residents.
  • Assist with and notify of any general physical needs of the halls.
  • Participate in necessary evaluations of staff, self-evaluation and directors’ performance.
  • Report incidents in the halls which are of concern to administration.
  • Participate in the selection process of new staff members.
  • Act as liaison between the university administration and international residents.
  • Assist the BFF team as needed in transportation needs of the incoming int. students.
  • Other duties as assigned.

General Duties

  • Perform required duties and be present in the hall during scheduled duty/on-call shifts.
  • Be in your room or on your floor more often than not.
  • Staff is not permitted to hold outside employment from the department that exceeds more than 10 hours a week, and must acquire prior approval from their immediate supervisor before beginning a job outside of the department.
  • Be in the building by 12:00 am on all weekdays (Sunday-Thursday).
  • Watch for any vandalism or damage and report it to the hall director.
  • Assist international students in becoming a part of a community if they are struggling with a language barrier or having trouble communicating to other residents, staff, faculty or others outside of the residence halls
  • Be aware of different cultural backgrounds and the difference in attitudes
  • Develop international student’s respect for one another and all residents living in the residence halls.
  • Attend all meetings called by the Office of Housing and Residential Life.
  • OIS and Housing will coordinate training schedules to allow for the IRC to attend pertinent workshops and sessions, including but not limited to:
    • Conflict Resolution and Counseling Skills
    • Legal Issues
    • Campus Resources Lunch
    • Check-in Procedures
    • How to Care for International Students
  • Be aware of international residents’ needs and have the ability to connect them to the proper on- or off-campus resources.
  • Communicate with all international residents any information they may need to know about campus policies or events through meetings, fliers, or door to door.

Community Development Roles

  • Develop students’ respect for one another, as well as private and public property and authority.
  • Assist in the development of an environment conductive to studying and academic success.
  • Be an example of friendliness and assist international students in becoming acquainted with the university and city.
  • Be aware of study habits and academic problems of international residents in the halls.
  • Show sincere interest and friendliness to all international students.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Be aware of social isolates or transition issues and help them whenever possible to make friends and become a part of the campus community.
  • Be aware of attitude and behavior patterns of international students.
  • Be aware of and assist students who are ill.
  • Effectively refer international students who need help.
  • Encourage international student involvement in the Montana State University Billings Residence Hall Association (RHA), including supporting meeting, activities, events and functions.
  • Support hall and campus wide activities through personal attendance and participation; invite international residents to join you in attending these events.
  • Help inform international residents of events and programs sponsored by the Office of International Studies, the International Studies Club and the Be a Foreign Friend program
  • Build connections between non-international residents in the halls and international student community.
  • Make continued efforts to help each international resident connect with other students and staff at MSU Billings.

Programming & International Student Orientation Responsibilities

  • Welcome international residents to campus by making sure they have everything they need to be comfortable and successful
  • Be available to meet with and welcome international residents who may arrive early to campus
  • Assist with international residence hall check-ins
  • Assist in the International Orientation program at the beginning of each semester as well as each IELP start date by working with the OIS staff to help build agenda items and workshops, including but not limited to:
    • Getting to know Campus and the Halls
    • Making meals on the floor and cleaning up
    • Meet and greet with staff and students
  • Be available to help as needed during International Orientations
  • Promote the development of residence hall programs by and for international students; including active, passive programming, and door decorations.
    • Programming Expectations:
      • 2 Formal Programs
      • 1 Academic Program
      • 1 Community Service Program
      • 1 Diversity/International Awareness Program
      • 3 Community Developers
      • 3 “Get off the Campus” Days
        • The IRC will schedule, plan and coordinate events that get international residents out of the halls and into the Billings community.
  • Conduct programs according to HRL requirements, including all aspects of paperwork.
  • Be aware of possible hall activities and have creative suggestions for international students to consider.
  • Work in conjunction with other staff members to provide excellence in programming throughout the entire residence hall and not just on international students.

Manuals and Training

  • The IRC is given a Manual which specifically outlines all duties and responsibilities. They are required to know & understand all materials in the manual.
  • The IRC is required to attend a two week training and in-hall preparation prior to the start of Fall semester and a one week session prior to the start of Spring semester. They need to specifically be present during the following topics:
    • Conflict Resolution and Counseling Skills
    • Legal Issues
    • Campus Resources Lunch
    • Check-in Procedures
  • IRC is required to attend all RA classes, in-service programs, and staff meetings throughout the semester.
  • IRC is required to attend OIS meetings as needed for support and input on topics regarding international students who live in the residence halls.

Scope and Impact of the Position

The IRC determines the general well-being of the international students who live in the hall. He/She has a powerful influence on his/her peer group. IRCs can accomplish certain goals better than anyone else. Such a person is an influence in the lives of the people around him/her, and must conduct themselves in a manner consistent with this influence. The IRC focuses onconnecting international students with the university and assists students towards achieving academic success and personal growth. The IRC works with a supportive staff of diverse individuals and student leaders. The differences in personality are used as elements for synthesis, this making the staff, as a whole, more effective and able than any one individual could possibly be. The job involves many facets and requires one to balance priorities and needs, but is also rewarding for those who undertake the challenge.  The IRC needs to be a person who has a passion for seeing international students at MSU Billings succeed.  They need to understand (or be open to learning) the challenges and joys of working with people from other cultures.  They need to be a person who will not be biased toward one ethnic group or another but will strive to understand each group’s differences and similarities.  They will need to think creatively on how to help the MSU Billings campus as a whole learn those differences and similarities as well.