(No credit awarded)

Any person enrolled for audit will be certified as such by the Office of Registrar and Records and will not receive credit for the course nor be required to take examinations. An audit needs to be declared during the first seven instructional days of a semester. Currently enrolled students who elect to audit a class pay the normal credit hour fee as outlined in the student fee schedule. Any person not otherwise enrolled or registered in a course for college credit may, with instructor approval, audit the course at the cost of $5 per credit hour. These fees are nonrefundable.

An audit is at the discretion of the course instructor. In order to audit, the student must obtain instructor’s permission and instructor’s signature on an audit card. This card is available from Registrar and Records (McMullen 107). When the student has completed the audit card with the faculty signature and cashier payment, the card is returned to Registrar and Records.

A student may not later establish credit in a course that was taken under the audit option by taking a special examination. In all cases, students who register for regular credit and pay regular fees will have priority for enrollment in a class over those students who audit the class.