University Police

Emergency Procedures

Violent or Criminal Behavior


While much media attention has been focused on “workplace violence”, we must recognize that all employees share the responsibility of recognizing the early warning signals and making appropriate notification to Campus Police of this prior to a violent act. Establishing an office procedure of appropriate response should be done in each area of campus with the guidance of the Building Manager. The MSU Billings Safety Committee may assist you in this process. If you observe but are not directly involved in concerns that a subject who has left the area may return with the purpose of harming someone, these concerns also need to be reported to Campus Police. If these elements become part of your routine, much of the apprehension about workplace violence may be diminished. 


Nationally, about 1,000 people are killed annually while at work. This is an appalling number but you must acknowledge that this number includes very high-risk occupations such as police officers, convenience store employees and cab drivers which are positions of exposure to violence that is not typical of most work environments. (Statistically, you have a better chance of being struck by lightning than being killed in work-place violence encounter.) With this in mind, please review the following guidelines:

  • All violent behavior or threats of violent behavior must be reported to the Campus Police (x2147) immediately. 
  • If you observe a situation that seems to be escalating and you are not directly involved, go to a telephone and notify University Police. Be prepared to give complete information about the subject and the circumstance. 
  • If the violent person has left the area prior to your notification, relay as much information as you can about the subject and direction/means of travel, if possible. 
  • If you recognize that a person appears to be verbally out of control and you are also being uncharacteristically vocal, step away and allow a colleague to bring new “calmness” to the situation. Notify University Police, (x2147), if the situation remains out of control. 
  • If you observe any type of weapon, remove yourself from range and notify University Police immediately, (x2147).

Criminal Behaviors

  • Immediately report any observed or suspected criminal behavior to University Police at (x2147). 
  • Report suspicious person/behaviors/noises immediately to University Police (x2147).  
  • Arrange for a Campus Police Officer to escort you to your vehicle/office if you have concerns about your safety. 
  • Report any safety concerns that may present a potential danger to you or others, (such as lights out, surface or mechanical malfunctions, etc.). 
  • Remember: You can be your own best security by remaining aware of your surroundings, practicing crime prevention behaviors, and making timely/appropriate reports.
  • Additional Crime Preventions information may be obtained from the University Police Department by calling (x2147).