University Police

Emergency Procedures

Explosion on Campus

Report any explosion on campus to Campus Police (x2147)

If necessary, or when directed to do so, activate the building alarm, (the safest and nearest fire alarm pull station).

When the building evacuation alarm is sounded, an emergency exists.  All rooms should be evacuated.  Closing doors will help contain a fire, but DO NOT LOCK THE DOORS!

Assist persons with disabilities to an enclosed stairwell landing, preferably the designated rescue assistance area if it is safe to do so, and notify the Campus Police or Fire Personnel of their location.
Do Not Use Elevators!


  • In all cases of Fire, activate the nearest fire alarm to warn other building occupants. You should know where the nearest alarm is to your work area.
  • In all cases of Fire, call the Campus Police (x2147).  Do not assume that someone else is making the call, make the call yourself.
  • When the building fire alarm is sounded, an emergency exists.   All rooms must be evacuated.  Leave the lights on and close, but do not lock, the doors.
  • Assist persons with disabilities to the nearest Rescue Assistance area, (generally a stairwell), if it is safe to do so.  Have the person(s) wait in that area and be sure to notify rescue personnel of your actions.

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