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Bachelor of Science Public Relations

Through Montana State University Billings Online you can earn a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Public Relations degree!

We encourage students to work with an Academic Advisor to:

  • Successfully meet all major degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Public Relations
  • Have any previous credits evaluated for transferability
  • Fulfill student's academic interests and goals
  • Receive assistance with course selection and availability

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The Public Relations program…

  • Is modeled on the Public Relations Society of America’s Undergraduate Education recommendations

  • Is founded on the definition of communication that views communication between people as the process that leads to shared meaning and understanding

  • Is designed to prepare students in a variety of settings including: Corporate, Non-profit, Government, Healthcare, and Education

  • Is a professional degree with a broad focus including the non-profit and public information areas

  • Merges communication and media studies with marketing

  • Allows students to acquire theoretical and practical public relations skills leading to careers in public relations

Students will…

  • Be provided with significant communication training and internship opportunities
  • Learn essential writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills
  • Be exposed to a variety of theoretical approaches to the practice of public relations
  • Learn knowledge of computers, video equipment and editing equipment

What can I do with a degree in Public Relations?
A graduate of Public Relations would:

  • Plan and conduct programs for their clients that maintain favorable public images

  • Plan and direct the development and communication of information designed to keep the public informed of their client's programs

Students with degrees in Public Relations have gotten jobs as:

  • Public Relations Manager
  • Employment Relations Representative
  • Community Development
  • Media Director

For more information about career opportunities for Montana State University Billings students, please contact MSU Billings Career Services.

Already have a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations?

Montana State University Billings offers an online Master's of Science in Public Relations. For more information contact Graduate Studies

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