For Math 499

General Items of Interest

499/Stirling's Formula Proof.pdf

499/Wallis's Formula Proof.pdf

499/Re Conservative Fields.pdf

499/Re Conservative Fields.nb

499/Regarding Div & Curl.nb

499/Re Green's Theorem.pdf

499/Re Green's Theorem.nb

499/Line Integral Example 1.nb

499/Line Integral Example 2.nb

499/Line Integral Example 3.nb

499/Regarding Hyperboloids.nb

499/Regarding Klein Bottles.nb

499/Regarding Mobius Strips.nb

499/Regarding Surface Areas.nb

499/Surface Integral Examples.nb

499/Regarding Stokes' Theorem.nb

Relating to the Riemann Integral

499/Riemann Integral.pdf

499/Bernhard Riemann.mht

499/Darboux Integral.mht

499/Jean Gaston Darboux.mht

Exit Exam Material:

499 Praxis Sample Exam.pdf

499/Calculus Exam - SIU.pdf

499/M 333 Sample Test.pdf

499/Exit Exam from 2010.pdf

499/All Study Suggestions.docx

499/Exit Exam M 329 Refs.docx

499/Exit Exam Stat 341 Refs.docx

General Items of Interest:

273/Dawkin's Calculus III.pdf

499/George Green Bio 1.pdf

499/George Green Bio 2.pdf

499/Re Stokes' Theorem.pdf

Written Exercises From Barr

499 Exercises 5.2.pdf

499 Exercises 5.5.pdf

499 Exercises 5.6.pdf

499 Exercises 6.1.pdf

499 Exercises 6.2.pdf

499 Exercises 6.3.pdf

499 Exercises 6.4.pdf

 Homework Keys: