For Math 499

General Items of Interest

499/Stirling's Formula Proof.pdf

499/Wallis's Formula Proof.pdf

499/Re Conservative Fields.pdf

499/Re Conservative Fields.nb

499/Regarding Div & Curl.nb

499/Re Green's Theorem.pdf

499/Re Green's Theorem.nb

499/Line Integral Example 1.nb

499/Line Integral Example 2.nb

499/Line Integral Example 3.nb

499/Regarding Parametrizing.nb

499/Regarding Hyperboloids.nb

499/Regarding Klein Bottles.nb

499/Regarding Möbius Strips.nb

499/Regarding Surface Areas.nb

499/Regarding Flux Integrals.nb

499/Surface Integral Examples.nb

499/Regarding Stokes' Theorem.nb

Relating to the Riemann Integral

499/Riemann Integral.pdf

499/Bernhard Riemann.mht

499/Darboux Integral.mht

499/Jean Gaston Darboux.mht

Exit Exam Material:

499/SIU Calculus Exam.pdf

499/M 333 Sample Test.pdf

499/Exit Exam from 2010.pdf

499/Exit Exam from 2011.pdf

499/All Study Suggestions.docx

499/Exit Exam M 329 Refs.docx

499/Exit Exam Stat 341 Refs.docx

General Items of Interest:

273/Dawkin's Calculus III.pdf

499/George Green Bio 1.pdf

499/George Green Bio 2.pdf

499/Re Stokes' Theorem.pdf

Written Exercises From Barr

499 Exercises 5.1.pdf

499 Exercises 5.2.pdf

499 Exercises 5.5.pdf

499 Exercises 5.6.pdf

499 Exercises 6.1.pdf

499 Exercises 6.2.pdf

499 Exercises 6.3.pdf

499 Exercises 6.4.pdf

 Homework Assignments:

M 499/499 Exercises/5.1.4.pdf

M 499/499 Exercises/5.1.6.pdf

M 499/499 Exercises/5.1.7.nb

M 499/499 Exercises/5.1.12.nb

M 499/499 Exercises/5.1.12.pdf

M 499/499 Exercises/5.1.16.nb

M 499/499 Exercises/5.1.18.pdf

M 499/499 Exercises/5.1.23.nb


M 499/499 Exercises/5.2.12.nb

M 499/499 Exercises/5.2.12.pdf

M 499/499 Exercises/5.2.18.pdf

M 499/499 Exercises/5.2.20.nb

M 499/499 Exercises/5.2.22.pdf

M 499/499 Exercises/5.2.25.pdf

M 499/499 Exercises/5.2.26.pdf

M 499/499 Exercises/5.2.28.nb

M 499/499 Exercises/5.2.30.pdf


M 499/499 Exercises/5.5.10.nb

M 499/499 Exercises/5.5.18.nb

M 499/499 Exercises/5.5.20.nb

M 499/499 Exercises/5.5.22.nb

M 499/499 Exercises/5.5.28.nb

M 499/499 Exercises/5.5.29.pdf

M 499/499 Exercises/5.5.34.pdf