For Math 499


Documents of Interest:

499/Conservative Fields.pdf

499/Electrical Examples.pdf

499/Re Green's Theorem.pdf

499/Re Green's Identities.pdf

499/Re Path Independence.pdf

499/Sanchez-Velasco Article.pdf

499/Eugene Wigner's Paper.pdf

499/R. W. Hamming's Paper.pdf

499/Derek Abbott's Rebuttal.pdf

499/Mathematics & Democracy.pdf


Exit Exam Materials:

499/M 333 Sample Test.pdf

499/Exit Exam from 2010.pdf

499/Exit Exam from 2011.pdf

499/Exit Exam from 2012.pdf

499/Exit Exam from 2013.pdf

499/Exit Exam from 2014.pdf

499/All Study Suggestions.docx

499/Exit Exam 2014-M 329.pdf

499/Exit Exam 2014-Stat 341.pdf


Mathematica Notebooks:

499/Arclength Egs.nb

499/Arclength Notes.nb

499/Conservative Fields.nb

499/Regarding Div and Curl.nb

499/Line Integrals Example 1.nb

499/Line Integrals Example 2.nb

499/Line Integrals Example 3.nb

499/Regarding Parametrizing.nb

499/Flux Integrals Example 1.nb

499/Flux Integrals Example 2.nb

499/Pipe Fitting Eg. Version 1.nb

499/Pipe Fitting Eg. Version 2.nb

499/Re the Divergence Theorem.nb

499/Regarding the Umbilic Torus.nb

499/Stokes' Theorem - Partial Proof.nb


Miscellaneous Reference Items:

273/Paul Dawkin's Calculus III.pdf

499/Trench's Free Textbook.pdf

499/About Klein Bottles.pdf

499/About Möbius Strips.pdf

499/About Surface Areas.pdf

499/Article About Surfaces.pdf

499/About Green's Theorem.pdf

499/Minimal Surfaces Article.pdf

499/Stokes' Theorem Article 1.pdf

499/Stokes' Theorem Article 2.pdf

499/Extreme Values & Integrals.pdf


Written HW Exercise Sets:

499/Exercises from Barr - Sec. 6.3.pdf

499/Exercises from Barr - Sec. 6.4.pdf