For Math 431

431/abstract algebra.nb

431/cayley tables.nb


431/factor groups.nb

431/example 5-268.nb

431/exercise 42-181.nb

431/generators of Un.nb


431/isomorphism egs.nb

431/linear congruences.nb

431/ken keeler's theorem.nb

431/ken keeler's theorem.pdf

431/Mma hw no. 1 tutorial.nb

431/Mma hw no. 2 tutorial.nb

431/Mma hw no. 3 tutorial.nb

431/Re Laws of Exponents.doc

431/Final Exam from 2011.docx

431/Final Exam from 2011.pdf

431/Final Exam from 2012.docx

431/Final Exam from 2012.pdf

431/Final Exam from 2013.docx

431/Final Exam from 2013.pdf

Written HW Keys

431/gilbert chapter 1a key.nb

431/gilbert chapter 1b key.nb