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274/Drag Equation.pdf

274/Velocity & Drag.pdf

274/Constanda Egs.nb

274/Slope Field Eg 1.nb

274/Slope Field Eg 2.nb

274/Slope Field Eg 3.nb

274/Slope Field Eg 4.nb

274/Slope Field Eg 5.nb

274/Slope Field Eg 6.nb

274/Slope Field Eg 7.nb

274/Temperatures Eg.nb

274/Harvesting Theory.nb

274/Re Euler's Method.nb

274/Re Heun's Method.nb

274/NestList Examples.nb

274/Spring Systems 1d.nb

274/Spring Systems 1e.nb

274/Spring Systems 2a.nb

274/Spring Systems 2b.nb

274/Spring Systems 2c.nb

274/Spring Systems 2d.nb

274/Spring Systems 3.nb

274/Scalar Second-Order 1.nb

274/Scalar Second-Order 2.nb

274/Regarding Resonance.nb

274/Method of Elimination 1.nb

274/MUC Method Number 1.nb

274/MUC Method Number 2.nb

274/Defective Eigenvalues.nb

274/Integrals Example 1a.nb

274/Integrals Example 1b.nb

274/Integrals Example 2.nb

274/Phase Portrait Eg 1.nb

274/Phase Portrait Eg 2.nb

274/Phase Portrait Eg 3.nb

274/Phase Portrait Eg 4.nb

274/Phase Portrait Eg 5.nb

274/Phase Portrait Eg 8.nb

274/Tutorial - Number 1.nb

274/Tutorial - Number 2.nb

274/Tutorial - Number 3.nb


Worksheet & Exam Keys

274/A Sample Final Exam.pdf

274/WS Number 1 Answers.nb

274/WS Number 2 Answers.nb

274/WS Number 3 Answers.nb

274/Midterm Exam - Key.nb

274/Final Exam - Key.nb


First-Order Diff Eqs

Ross/Direction Field Eg.nb
Ross/DirFld & NullClines.nb
Ross/Solutions of Diff Eqs.nb
Ross/Euler & Runge-Kutta.nb
Ross/Diff Eqs from Solutions.nb
Ross/Testing Linear Operators.nb
Ross/Char. Value Calculations.nb

Ross/Checking Linear Theory.nb
Ross/First Order Linear DE.nb

Ross/Exact Diff Equations.nb
Ross/Separating Variables.nb

Ross/Homogeneous DEs.nb
Ross/Bernoulli Equations.nb
Ross/Clairaut Equations.nb

Ross/Orthogonal Trajectories.nb
Ross/Radioactive Decay Egs.nb
Ross/Air Resistance Egs.nb


Higher-Order Diff Eqs

Ross/Independent Functions.nb
Ross/About the Wronskian.nb

Ross/More on Using DSolve.nb
Ross/Re Complete Solutions.nb
Ross/Variation of Parameters.nb

Ross/Phase-Amplitude Forms.nb
Ross/Damped Oscillations (1).nb
Ross/Damped Oscillations (2).nb

Variable Coefficients

Ross/Cauchy-Euler DEs (1).nb
Ross/Cauchy-Euler DEs (2).nb
Ross/Cauchy-Euler DEs (3).nb
Ross/Re 2nd Series Solutions.nb
Ross/A Quick Series Solution.nb
Ross/Classification of Points.nb
Ross/Series at Ordinary Points.nb

Laplace Transforms

Ross/Laplace Transforms/Egs (1).nb
Ross/Laplace Transforms/Egs (2).nb
Ross/Laplace Transforms/Egs (3).nb
Ross/Laplace Transforms/Egs (4).nb

Relating to Systems

Ross/Equations into Systems.nb
Ross/Homogeneous Systems.nb
Ross/Nonhomogeneous Systems.nb

Ross/Regarding the Picard Iteration.nb
Ross/Systems having Distinct Roots.nb
Ross/Miscellaneous Phase Portraits.nb


Clayton Ross Packages

274/Ross Packages/

274/Ross Packages/

274/Ross Packages/