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How To Study Mathematics.pdf

Excel Spreadsheet Manual.pdf

143/Excel Regression Eg 1.xls

143/Excel Regression Eg 2.xls

143/Excel Regression Eg 4.xls

143/Amortization Table 1.xlsx

143/Amortization Table 2.xlsx

143/Amortization Table 3.xlsx

143/Matrix Ops Example 1.ods

143/Matrix Ops Example 2.ods

143/Excel's LP Solver Eg 1.xls

143/Excel's LP Solver Eg 2.xls

143/Excel's LP Solver Eg 3.xls

143/Regression Worksheet 1.xls

143/Regression Worksheet 2.xls

143/Simplex Method with Excel.doc


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Mathematica Notebooks -

143/an apr example.nb

143/effective rate eg.nb

143/simplex method egs.nb

143/true interest rate egs.nb

143/miscellaneous truth tables.nb


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