The Department of Mathematics at Montana State University Billings is committed to providing a superior training in mathematics. The undergraduate mathematics programs at MSUB has a quality and scope that is comparable to those in larger colleges and universities. A student majoring in mathematics will go through a wide range of regularly offered courses. In addition, students can take advantage of department members' willingness to supervise independent studies and tutorials in various areas of mutual interest. In particular, a student with interest in an area not offered as a course can study the material as an independent study with faculty in the department.

Mathematics Major

The mathematics major is designed to give students an exposure to the fundamentals of mathematics as well as a solid mathematical foundation. As a mathematics major, students get a rigorous training in both pure and appplied mathematics to acquire a strong proficiency in knowledge and application of mathematical concepts in various fields and professions.

A student who majors in mathematics can pursue graduate study in mathematics, statistics, or computer science, or careers requiring a strong mathematical background. More importantly, the broad range of mathematics, statistics and computer courses required for a mathematics major combined with the general education requirements enables a student to pursue a post-baccalaureate plan that may not be math-related. Moreover, the liberal-arts setting of the program allows mathematics majors with broad interests to take courses in various disciplines offered on-campus and opt for minor in various fields.


For the most updated list of available majors, minors and concentrations in mathematics and mathematical sciences, see the website of the Department of Mathematics.

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