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World War II Oral History Project

“This collection started as a class project for Montana State University Billings Hist. 325 – the American Military Experience in the Spring of 2005 but quickly grew from there into a project that needed a second class, Hon. 492 – the American Military in War in Peace, and the help of a number of volunteers to complete over a two year period.


During the summer of 2004, I had the idea of an oral history project to record the military experiences of World War II veterans and hopefully provide my students the opportunity see how the effects of one war changed the lives of the participants and consequently the state and country.


However, with one exception, the people whose recollections are recorded here spent the better part of their lives in Montana even if they were born and raised elsewhere.


I [Tom Rust] directed the process, conducted some interviews myself, and also engaged in the transcription process. The students came up with the questions themselves. Naturally I guided the process but tried to let their questions come through. The questions were designed to solicit information about the veteran’s life, their war experiences, transition out of military life, and how the war affected their post-war outlook.”


(Taken from Vol.I of the Montana State University Billings World War II Oral History Project: 2005-2007: Directed by Thomas C. Rust, P.H.D., Department of History transcript)


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American soldiers during World War II

List of people interviewed:


Aasheim, Torlief
Ackerman, Caroline
Barton, John
Bartholomew, Bart (C.R.)
Baumann, Ray
Bell, James E.
Breitling, Ruben
Brown, George
Bucher, Robert F.
Bullis, Charles Lowell
Burke, Shirley
Collins, Glenn
Clower, Richard
Erickson, Don
Fauth, Harry
Fischer, Stanley A.
Fly, Roy E.
Frantz, Kirke
Grainger, Donald
Lubbers, Robert
Lund, Arthur E.
Malia, Joseph
McCarver, Orville
McKeon, John Luke
Merrill, Angus
Nafus, Donald R.
Orser, Edward
Paull, William T.
Putnam, James W.
Robinson, Ivory
Ross, Bob (deed of gift not signed)
Sherman, George
Sipe, Anthony C.
Stafford, Richard
States, Emmanuel F.
Stephenson, Victor
Swartz, William J.
Tudor, Everett
Vaughn, C.W.
Wise, Ray
Zitzer, Frederick


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