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Sites are currently being imported into the project. Links shown are being activated daily, so check back often.


Unlinked sites will show a general name reference until they can be cross-checked for site numbers. If a site already has an assigned Smithsonian number, the label will be converted to reference that name and number. Appropriate heritage resource forms are being filed for sites not currently referenced by appropriate systems. Considerations are also being made for landowners desiring to retain site anonymity.


Initial postings contain site images, inscription images and a link to a spreadsheet file. The spreadsheet file lists inscriptions documented. As development of the collection progresses, additional information will be posted to specific sites.


Specific Site Database

Arisona Kid

Ashland - C - Montana

Ashland - Drilled Elk

Ashland - Needle Rock

Ashland - Stag Butte

Ashland - Twin Buttes

Bear Canyon

Between Hysham and Custer - Montana

Bighorn East - Montana

Bozeman History Rock

Bull Mountains - Castle Butte

Bull Mountains - Steamboat Butte

Castle Butte - F - Montana

Castle Butte (south) - F - Montana

Chas Hoe Cave - Billings

Cottonwood Canyon - Merrimack - Montana

Custer - N of B - Montana

Devil's Kitchen - P C

East of Ryegate

Ekalaka Museum Component

Emory Rhodes - Wyoming

Gap - Montana

George A Custer

Goose Lake - Montana

Hanging Rock - C - Montana

Independence Rock - Wyoming

Jeffers Site - Minnesota

Kelly Cave - C - Montana

Kirkland Sign - Columbus - Montana

Kid Curry

Lee Site - Montana

Lisa - Colter

Lisa Access

Madison Buffalo Jump

Medicine Lodge Site - Wyoming

Missouri Breaks

Missouri Headwaters

Names Hill - Wyoming

Needle Rock

North Cave Hills - BM - South Dakota

North Cave Hills - BTM - South Dakota

North Cave Hills - Riley Pass - South Dakota

North Cave Hills - SHC - South Dakota

North of Shepard

Penny Point - Pryors - Montana

Pictograph Cave - Billings - Montana

Pompey's Pillar

Register Cliff - Wyoming

Rg - Montana

Ridge above N - Montana

Rifle Range - N - Montana

Sheridan Butte - Montana

South of Medicine Rocks Park

South Rims - Mollie - Billings - Montana

South Rims - Towers - Billings - Montana

Tom Horn

West of Ryegate