1. Am I eligible for ILL services? 
  2. What kinds of materials may I request? 
  3. How do I submit a request? 
  4. Will I always get what I ask for? 
  5. How long will it take? 
  6. How will I know when the item I requested has arrived?
  7. How much does it cost? 
  8. How long may I keep the material(s)?

Am I eligible for ILL services?

Yes, if you are a Montana State University-Billings student, staff member, or faculty. MSU-Billings Gold Card alumni are also eligible for 5 interlibrary loans per year.

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What kinds of materials may I request?

You may request materials not owned by MSU-Billings or those materials which are officially unavailable.

May I request items for family and friends?

No. Budgetary constraints prevent MSU-Billings from serving the needs of patrons not directly affiliated with the university. Check with a librarian for other options.

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How do I submit a request?

When submitting a request, please provide the most complete citation for the item  Use the following login to submit requests:

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Will I always get what I ask for?

We make every attempt to obtain the materials you have requested. However, please be aware that other libraries usually do not lend out reference materials, audio-visuals, special collections, rare or fragile materialsjournals (though most will photocopy specified journal articles) or other non-circulating items.

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How long will it take?

Obtaining materials from other libraries depends on the responsiveness and location of the lending library, the availability of the requested material, and the workload of the ILL department. During peak times of the semester or during holidays, more time is needed to fill ILL requests. Requesters should note their time constraints on the ILL book or article request form box "I cannot use this item after date."

Since ILL has only partial control over determining factors, it is difficult to predict how long a request will take. Most requests can usually be obtained in one to three weeks. Materials coming from an MSU or OMNI Library usually will be obtainable in 3-10 days. Materials difficult to locate or inaccurately or incompletely cited will take longer.

What if I need something immediately?

On those rare occasions when you are unable to plan ahead, you might want to speak to someone in the ILL department. FAX or ARIEL transmission, UPS or Federal Express Delivery, or commercial suppliers may be available for materials needed quickly.  Please be aware that you may be billed for any costs not subsidized by the MSU-Billings Library.

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How will I know when an item I've requested has arrived ?

If you have requested a book, the Library will make every effort to contact you when the item is available for pickup at the Circulation Desk. You must present a current valid MSU-Billings student ID card to check out the book.

If you have requested an article, in most cases it will be delivered electronically to the email address you provided.  Otherwise, the article will be placed at the Library's Circulation Desk. If you have questions about the status of your request, please contact the ILL Office. 

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How much does it cost ?

Generally, nothing. The Library subsidizes costs up to $20.00. However, if the cost of a request exceeds $20.00 the Library may ask patrons to assist with ILL lending charges. 

Costs associated with lending and borrowing between libraries can include: copyright
fees, mailing, photocopying, rush service fees, and lending fees. National studies show that on average an interlibrary loan costs $29.00 per request split between the borrowing and lending libraries. The MSU-Billings Library pays most fees associated with borrowing of materials.

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How long may I keep the material(s)?

The lending library owns and therefore determines the check-out period and conditions for use of materials. The MSU-Billings Library and its patrons must following the lending library's guidelines including:

  • Due date
  • In library use only, if specified 
  • Photocopying not allowed, if specified
  • Renewal period
  • Overdue, damaged or lost materials will be subject to fines or replacement fees as determined by the lending library

What if I'm not finished with the material?

Because the lending library owns the item, the Circulation staff cannot renew ILL materials. Please check with the ILL Office to determine if the item can be renewed. The ILL Office needs 4 days advance notice in order to renew materials borrowed from other libraries.

What happens if I do not return the material on time or if I lose it?

Fines assessed by the lending library for failure to return items in a timely fashion will be charged to the borrower. The failure to return ILL materials by the date due may result in a processing fee and/or suspension of loan privileges. Interlibrary loan activity is regulated by national, regional and local agreements made by the participating libraries. The ILL service consists of one library loaning materials to another for the use of individuals. Materials may be lent in the original or photocopied form. All other material must be picked up upon notification. Failure to do so may result in suspension of ILL privileges.

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