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Science and the Artist's Book
Collaborative exhibits in 1995 between Smithsonian Institution Libraries and Washington Project for the Arts with famous science books owned by the Smithsonian re-interpreted by a contemporary book artist: all facets of the sciences represented with a range of book approaches.


The San Francisco Center for the Book
Traditional and experimental book forms provided by the San Francisco Center for the Book: also exhibitions, public events and workshops listed.


Women in the Book Arts: A Selection
Work from ten curator-selected Women in the Book Arts virtual exhibit organized by Wellesley College Library.


Calligraphy & Artist Books Galleries
Australian artist books and calligraphy emphasized with information on non-Australian place events and artists along with other information.


Cincinnati Book Arts Society
The Cincinnati Book Arts Society provides active links to many on-line book art exhibits with lots of variety in book types and artists' approaches.


Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild
Canadian Bookbinders and Artists' Guild organizes/presents active sites to support book arts development with diverse and in-depth topics: bookbinding, artists' books, papermaking, calligraphy, letterpress, printing/typography, wood engraving, paper decoration, restoration and conservation.


The University of Iowa Center for the Book
Site maintained by the Guild of Book Workers with active links to worldwide educational opportunities, professional organizations, tutorials, reference materials, galleries with images--all focused on the book arts.


The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing
Scholarly and few-image approach to information from the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing (SHARP) at University College Cork, Ireland, with active link to diversified topics, mostly historical in nature.

The University of Delaware Library Special Collections Department
The University of Delaware Special Collections Department presents their Exhibits of Artists' Book from 1995 through to 2002, accompanied by active links to other artist book collections.


These "edition books" are for sale by the proprietor of Editions, a workshop producing artist book multiples.


Otis College of Art and Design
The Otis College of Art and Design presents about 2,000 bookworks--famous and not-so-famous--including student books in the Otis Laboratory Press along with books from major production (letterpress) centers.


Since 1999 this site from London, England, has dedicated itself to showcasing artists' books worldwide: also features future events, mailart projects and an opportunity to post three bookworks on line for others to see.


Bay Area Book Artists
Active links to following topics in the California Bay Area: Learning Resources, Supplies and Books, Professional Organizations, Inspiration: Online Exhibitions and Collections, and further Related Arts Resources.


State Library of Queensland
The Queensland Australian Government provides access to artists' book images from the State Library collection: in addition features Australian and overseas books related to school curriculum and other diverse topics.


The J. Paul Getty Museum
Direct access to the artists' books in The Artist Turns to the Book Exhibit (2005) at the Getty Center in Los Angeles along with icons to other holdings about historical and traditional manuscripts and books.


The Center for Book Arts
Various aspects at The Center for the Book Arts in New York featured: membership, news, classes, exhibits, opportunities, upcoming events and other topics.